Serious Problems With The Map: "gm_welovelearning"

I downloaded this map:
But i’m having a lot of Texture problems/Errors.
I read in the description that Half life 2 Episode 2 And Counterstrike Source are needed, but i have both of them and i still have problems…
I even tried to copy manually the counterstrike materials and models but without any result.
I’m shure that i’ve installed the map’s content right.
I really need this map, so it would be awesome if someone could tell me how to solve the problem :slight_smile:

Here are some screens:

I think you need hl2

Did you install your materials correctly? Only error I could see.

theres a model error in there as well

I’m pretty sure Ep2 has all the HL2 content in it.

hl2 has some of its own content in the game only, that doesn’t come with the source engine.

Right, I thought so.

Decompile the map, and check the errors.
What textures/models are missing?

Completely disregard this comment.

I have Half Life 2, Episode one, Episode 2 and Lost coast installed.

:wtc: Do you have everything mounted?

I think if you own Half-Life 2, it is force mounted and cannot be unmounted.


Try verifying the cache of CS:S or Ep.2. Something similar happened to a friend of mine.

I tried, but without any results