Serious questions about recreating scene from Mass Defect by kitty0706

It’s a pitty that kitty0706 is gone about a year ago. A lot of people have said that someone should continue his work. I think I will be contributing to the continuation of his work (so far, very little)…

I’m really interested to recreate similar scene to Shepard plays Amnesia. I think I will change Amnesia to GTA 5, but it’s not the main point. If someone help me to solve these issues that I listed below, my workflow would to better than ever. I’ll recreate similar scene, or maybe recreate all Mass Defect video by kitty0706 for my animation training purposes.

If there will be no big issues, it will be done I think until July or August. I’ll create a youtube channel (yes, I don’t have that yet) and upload it I think on July or August. So, it would take about 4 months. If these things or a lot of them, that I’ve listed below will be resolved and there will be no issues with Adobe Premiere and Youtube (of course, youtube). I will not upload unsuccessful videos or something on a first try or whatever (I don’t have youtube channel yet). Perhaps later I’ll create Mass Defect 2 (someone should continue this series on Gmod). I really don’t know about it. But at least most of these things should be resolved (if not all). Of course I would be very grateful if these things would be solved. Thanks in advance.


  1. God mode on startup. I don’t want to die in space. In cfg/game.cfg I’ve already added line sv_cheats 1. Now cheats are enabled on startup, I don’t have to enter it each time. But the issue is that I have to enter to enable god mode every time. Neither adding line god, nor god 1 doesn’t work in game.cfg. I still have to enable it manually. Also I tried using autoexec, results also the same. I already asked about that issue, but people thought that I was asking about servers and multiplayer etc.

  2. Empty hands swep as default weapon. OR at least have empty hands swep in weapons menu, instead of q menu, searching empty hands swep each time. It’s really annoying to do it every time after loading game.

  3. No collide for camera. It seems to be simple task, right click and that’s it. I think I’ve accidentaly found a bug. No collide works until loading save. In other words, no collide doesn’t save in savegames. Same with using alternative addon tools, such as “no collide everything” and “no collide world”.

  4. Possibility to load directly into Gmod saved game, without loading into main menu. It would save a lot of time (if it not possible, it’s OK). Why am I thinking about that. Adobe Premiere, the video editor that I use, has a high ram usage. I have 8 Gbs of ram. My PC specs are good enough. But Premiere and Gmod at the same time… Especially Gmod is heating my PC, it’s not well optimized game, because of Lua doesn’t allow multicore processing I think.
    However if loading directly into Gmod savegames is not possible or it’s hard to be done, there is another option below.

  5. Faster loading into main menu and into game. I have only few addons. I’m not a huge fan of mods or whatever. There is unofficial lua menu replacement, without HTML:
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t have option to load saves from main menu. It seems that it’s mainly designed for server gameplay and multiplayer, not for singleplayer

  6. Ability to overwrite saved games in game. In other words, ability to not create new save file for each time you save game. I don’t want to create 10 saves for 10 shots. I want to have 1 save and maybe 1 backup save (about backups I think it’s not possible in that case).

  7. Bind key combination to save game. I think it wouldn’t be Ctrl+S, because of movement controls. Ctrl+1 (not numpad) would be a good option. I don’t know how to bind key combination actually. But it’s better in this case than single key.

  8. However I don’t know how about load games. If these are several different files, you need to choose which save to load. So binding key wouldn’t help much.

  9. Remove purple checkerboard (it’s only purple actually) on Shepard’s eyes. That’s because some of the textures are missing, but I don’t know which. I have CSS textures and other. As you can see in this image (funny one). Yeah, Another thing: it seems that there is no possibility to add an image from computer, you have to use URL instead. (please correct me, if I’m mistaken in that place).

  10. Change spawn location in map if possible (map is gm_startrekTOS_v6). I want to spawn into Shepard’s room after loading map. If it’s possible, it’s not so annoying actually. I already used getpos and setpos commands, and binded setpos coordinates to key, and I just teleport when I need.