Serious Resident Evil Roleplay (RERP)

Edit: Disreguard anything TACOSCRIPT in this post and change it to Nexus, I’m converting my project over to it.

Most scripts plain suck in my opinion when it comes to roleplaying. The only good ones I have found have been TacoScript, CakeScriptG2,(While lacking many features I would have liked), and Kuroscript (Now Nexus! I’m using it currently to continue my script!) None of those have a Zombie RP kind of thing going. The current “ZombieRP” we have is an outdated DarkRP with some sweps and a few new lines of code. Being that a ton of serious roleplayers don’t want DarkRP, I figured this. Why don’t I just take Tacoscript as a base and modify it into becoming the best Zombie Roleplaying script available. That has turned into Resident Evil Roleplay.

Story Line
Okay, first off. We’re going by the games, NOT the movies. The movies are a lot different than the Game Versions of Resident Evil. Anyways, you are free to make any story line you wish as long as it doesn’t involve any of the Main Characters of the MOVIE(s) or the GAME(s). Make it realistc. I’m sure that every server wont follow this rule when my gamemode is released publicly, but still, that’s how it’s ment to be played. If you want a nice community, don’t allow your players to make up stupid names.

We progress throughout the game and the story always changes. If you join the server, you can usually pick up on what is going on and what has gone on in the past from other characters. We have no definate 100% correct story as it is always changing.

Stupid names like Ben Dover and Firechick441 will result in a permanate ban(In the worst case). If you’re going to RP, be serious. I figured enough roleplayers didn’t know this so I had to say it.

The Actual Gamemode
So far, I have these things in the script. They may change according to any unfixable bugs or things that just surpass my knowledge.

-Weather System (Sunny, Cloudy, Night, Storms, etc.)
-Character Creation System (Doesn’t use MySQL)
*Title System
*First And Last Name
*Model Chooser
-Health and Endurance Status Bars
-Custom Model Support (Although we TRY to Keep ours Minimal)
-Iron Sight Support
-ToggleHolster Command (Fixed for all INGAME items, not CSS weapons)

What to Expect Later On

-Fix Counter Strike Source Model Animations! (Not sure how possible it is.)
-Headbob Movements (Currently Conflicts with Ironsights and Startup Screen, May Never Happen.)
-Administrator GUI (To use Admin Commands without the Console)
-Fix the Crappy Overflows due to Usermessages.

Things That Were Bad Ideas and Were Abused
-A Weapon System that acts like tooltrust, ex. You get added to the list and get a pistol to start.


-Fix Toggleholster Command
-Sound/Music System (To play epic music while hordes are chasing you.)
-On Join Title Music (Server Plays Resident Evil Theme)
-Event System

If someone can take some pictures when people are in the server and post them that’d be great.

Q: Why and when are you releasing it publicly?
A: Well, I believe that the community needs to have something new when it comes to roleplay. Every community dies, most take their scripts with them. If you post it then it wont vanish into the void of the unknown like so many do. I will release it when it’s done or when the community is none. End of story.

Q: What is your overall goal?
A: To make you, the community come to respect roleplay again.

Please feel free to ask questions!

Test Server

Remember, if you minge around, we have no issues with banning you!

You need Dan’s NPC Pack to play on our server, find the link at our community page here:

Sounds like PERP in Chinese.

Use mysql, its not hard.

Is there a problem with other methods? Your response is pretty stupid.

What do you mean? I’ve never even played PERP, but I have saw it in the gamemode list :wink:

Why? I already have another database system, SQL Lite.

It was a play on words that I couldnt resist posting. Hope RERP goes well for you though haha.

So far it has, except for the terrible fact that nobody plays on my 64 slot server. Hopefully this thread will change that :wink:

EDIT: I just got the Perp joke.

Which you were begging me to host/teach you.

We need more testers in the server. Hurry and join.

What, no its easy.


Fixed Title Music Bug (Wasn’t playing sometimes due to error)

Added Automatic Server Reset at 12:00am Daily

Fixed some of the animation issues :wink:

Also, the server will be down for a little while, probably just for a few hours.

So basically you just did some modifications to the derma of TacoScript2… I congratulate you on your whole new script!

I’ll join the test server sometime. Maybe when my internet is fixed. Orange decided to cap my speed so I have to switch to another provider.:doh:

Nah, I have yet to add some of the features to the list. I don’t remember everything I’ve done so far. I’ve changed the base quite a bit and I have put many and many hours of work into this. If you joined and checked it out you would see some of the changes. Don’t complain unless you’ve looked at it.

PS: I never said it was a whole new script.

Edit: Take some pictures while you’re in the gamemode. I need some anyways. XD

I did join, nobody plays at all which is why the only thing I noticed was that it was a re-done tacoscript 2.

It is based off of TS2, but everyone has to start somewhere. I’m just trying to provide fun for GMOD players. I don’t take credit for the base, but I do take credit for the code I added in. I am trying to promote it so people will start playing, but I haven’t had much time. I have a company to run.

I would like this kind of thing, but the current map you are using isn’t the best thing for a Resi RP, I’ll give you links to some maps:

Thanks for the maps Gordon, but I wanted something big that can hold 64 players at a max. Those all seem too small.

Anyways, Updates for all.


  1. Toggleholster is about fixed with ingame items, don’t spawn CS:S items… that’s just stupid and wont work.
  2. Spawns actually work, you spawn where you are supposed to whether you are a UBCS, Citizen, etc.
  3. If you’re in the UBCS or RPD you automaticly are given guns on initial spawn and after death. (Don’t minge around with it.)

Fixed Event System

Please input your comments, questions, blah blah blah.

I just finished a fix with a possible exploit. I didn’t notice that certain sents could be spawned at any time… I guess I should have made that a #1 Priority in the begining. Sorry for any inconveniences.