Serious Roleplay

Hey, im looking for a serious roleplay gamemode. I loved the style of Novus Two but I hated all the backdoors and everything that came with it.I am looking for a very serious PASSIVE roleplay gamemode. if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful…

we have a good website + Forums (If it is of any use to you)

Regards - Bamb

this is gamemode releases you know

yeah wrong section mod plz delete D:

It’s so hard to use grammar, post in the right section and spell please.

what is the point in spelling it right when it was only a quick message?

Even though this is in the wrong section wasn’t there a simple passive RP called GModRP? Something like that.

Think that’s the one, it’s an old thread so I wouldn’t recommend bumping it, no idea if the DL link still works but I presume so.

There are no weapons in GModRP.

is GModRP passive roleplay?

You need a version of Novus 2 without the backdoors, I have one, add me on steam, my regestered name is “ping158158” My current name is Lone.