Serious RP Features?

looking for anyone in the community to help me out here :stuck_out_tongue:

im developing a serious rp gamemode and was just wondering if theres any features i should impliment? my to-do list is here


Death penalty for mentioning RDM or NLR

True serious RP doesn’t need any features.

explain… otherwise itd just be a few modelless people running around talking across the map…

All you need to RP is a chatbox. That’s it.

The features you add are up to you. How seriously people take their roleplaying depends on who remains after you kick the ones who disagree with your rules. It’s up to you.

Everyone else will have their own idea of what it means, also. Use your own mind to decide what it should be.

There’s no international standard for “Serious”.

GM leading a storyline for the players rather than everyone running around in chaos… think online D&D session.

Bit silly that though isn’t it?

that is kind of what my gamemode is right now anyway

A Santos clone

how about you dont post on my threads, like i already told you, you can view them all you want, but id prefer none of your interaction, and actually, far from a santos clone, you wouldnt know because i booted you from the project

Santos is cancer anyway

rustic is also a shit

Santos is pretty well-coded for me, what the prob

It’s well coded, It’s the staff and or management aspect he’s talking about.

so lol, no feature ideas?

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im also going to re-do the website this week :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t base anything off of darkRP, make something new and fresh.

Boo hoo