Serious Rp? GameMode

Okay well I have a server using DARK RP is always full with people but its almost like if it was a DM server everyone just goes in gets a house buys a gun and kills some follow rules others dont is there any Serious Rp
game mode?

server IP:
Leave your steam username: (if you want to help / will get admin )

Well considering all of your server population is 9 year old kids, when you switch the gamemode to anything else they will leave to go ruin the next darkrp server

^I totally agrre with this man.

OR you can try to change the map, If you have downtown_v2 more minges will come, try to put a not so well known map, but still good, I recommend something new like townsend :slight_smile:

Or use Cakescript, that’ll drive all the little kids away with the extreme lack of weaponry :).

Use kiwi.

To bad it’s broken and the only hope of revival is Nori who is keeping in closed. Seriously quit GMod RP it’s hopeless. All that people want to do is start their own little gay communities that eventually get their gamemode stolen. Then they all cry threatening lawsuits. All while we sit here waiting for a decent gamemode to use.

^^^ Circle of Garry’s Mod Roleplay.


Choose one:
Popular server
Good roleplay

There are a lot of gamemodes that call themselves serious. There is only one gamemode called SeriousRP

It’s not done yet.

Not everything is about your gamemode. So please stop talking about “SeriousRP” in everyone elses threads, get your own thread.

Hi Averice, I remember you. I’m not ready for my own thread because I have nothing to show and quite frankly would be flamed to hell and back for bothering to post something :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to sound like I’m flaming or anything because for all i know your script could be the bees knees of Roleplay, but every rp thread that comes up i see you mention something about serious rp in it.

My community’s CakeScript works fine. Yes, I did work on ironing out bugs when we first began, but it’s really not that hard. If anybody new to CakeScript asked some questions I’m sure they’d fine someone willing to help.

Of any gamemode I’ve tried, I love CakeScript the best. Any idiot (no seriously, anyone at all) can edit it into a roleplay style that they want to. Post apocalyptic, Half Life 2, Lost in Space or something. Hell, if you wanted, you could roleplay as a bunch of tigers roaming the jungle for dicks to eat. I don’t know, but CakeScript is a solution to your problem Mr. OP. Imo anyway.