Serious Sam 3: BFE weapons, props and ragdolls

Anyone can port Serious Sam 3: BFE weapons, vehicles, props and ragdolls to gmod please ?


im in support of this, the enemies and weapons are useful for posing with my many mad ideas

I think someone posted this question before but there is at this time no method of extracting the models, I believe was the issue.

But yeah I’d love to see these models in gmod too.


I would love them…
With some workaroud, that would end up in sweps.

I would love to see the Rocket Launcher, XL2 LaserGun and the SBC Cannon.

Hail to the bump baby… no wait It’s Duke Nukem Line.

I’d love some Serious Sam ragdolls and weapons for GMod, you have my support!

i’ve found a trick with .gro files, rename .gro by .zip, and that works ! after i’ve search were are the weapons, the player model, the props, etc… And surprise, the extension of models are… in .MDL !
but that .mdl can be opened only by milkshape

Do you know anyone that can port them into GMod?

no sry

so you can’t say… save it as a different file, or export to what you need?

i hate milkshape

If you can get the enemies and bosses in a format my 3ds Max can read (with skeleton) e.g. .dae, .psk, .md5, .smd, I will port these without question and I will love you forever.

i will do my possible