Serious Sam 3 Monsters

How about monsters from the recently released Serious Sam 3? The designs are amazing, very high detail with a good amount of joints for precise posing(or from what isaw so far).

Wondering if anyone is up to it, Any would be fine(as ragdolls of course). But I do have a preference for:

Arachnoid Adult

Gnaar Female:

beheaded kamikaze:


Scrapjack: (our HD mancubus until Doom 4)

List of enemies:

I, for one, endorse this request…

This would be incredible. Would be good for screenshots to have a host of new enemies.

I totally want to do these too but I have others to do first. Also not sure if an importer/exporter will be out for this game. The other Serious Sam HD games unfortunately didn’t have any, and Ripper didn’t work well.

Okay cool, always worth a shot when you get the chance.

It’s technically Serious engine “3.5” so not exactly like the Encounter HD games. So hopfully they made it a bit easier to work with, as well.

This is a nice idea but…what about Sam himself?

Well I mentioned any and all, if someone rips the models they’ll probably get the other stuff too, this is just what I want the most personally.

Someone would have to make a player model for Sam, too though :stuck_out_tongue:

Just beat the game, yeah, would it be possible to have THIS as a ragdoll? XD

This would be awesome to see.

I would also think that Sam Stone himself should be a priority, but it would seem as if the closest thing that can be done for now is to reskin Duke Nukem.

Yes if one is to make monster ports of the game one might as well do a serious sam one…i mean theres lotsa duke stuff but NO serious sam wtf D:

Ok, I think we need this too:

Dr. Hax in scorpion form, rofl. Just a sized down Arachnoid adult, but still.

Sam Stone and Duke Nukem in the most epic brofist.


bomb squeelers, fuck yeah