Serious Sam 3 Player model

Hello dear facepunchers. I decided to make serious sam playermodel, and i have some problems with textures, so, can anyone help me?

Does it show up fine in the model viewer?

I don’t use model viewer, because it don’t work for me.

I solve this problem. I releaise model soon.

Make sure you look into the normals, looks like they’re inverted.

I fix that issue alredy. All the model need is a good rig, because, i think that my rig is too bad

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Also, i fix problem with normals, so only thing left is the rig. I’ll try to do my best.

Can anyone help me with rig? Because i’m noob in this, so it will be fine, if someone help me. Here screen of my work. It’s really hard to pose.

Throw me the model files, I’ll see what I can do. Also I could do flexes if you want those as well.

ok wait a sec :slight_smile:

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Sent you a message with files.

I would love a Serious Sam 3 model for SFM. So I’ll be very pleased if you do this.

Any progress with a model?