Serious Sam 3 playermodel.

Hi guys! So, i’ve uploaded Serious Sam playermodel to workshop, so check this out!

Workshop link:

Special thanks for Fat-Corgi-Guy for his big help.
Update: added William Wytee playermodel.

That arm normal map

My friend has a massive boner for serious sam, I think he’ll like this.

Oh shit, finally. I damn love that game, this is going to be interesting…


Just one problem, it seems like it doesn’t like to register headshots at all.

Hey, seeing this update, you think you could do Canned Cain and Rodriguez?

Yeah, i’m goin to port most, or maybe all playermodels from bfe, and maybe if one Croteam member give me hd sam, i’ll porthim as well

Classic game, I still love it. Ah Gamecude memories. :c

Holly damn, that classic HD Sam looks so frickin’ good

Holy shit, amazing)):v: