Serious Sam models

I know this has probably been requested a lot before, but I still want to ask, can someone please port models from any of the Serious Sam games? Preferably ones from BFE, or the HD versions of the first and second encounter.
I would port them myself, but I have no idea how to do it, or even have modeling programs for it. But I do know, that to access the SS files, at least for BFE, all you have to do it rename them to .ZIP files. It works without corrupting the file.
The models and textures from the game are really quite nice, in my opinion, and would be awesome to have in Gmod and SFM.

Here’s some shots of Sam:[/t][t][/t][t][/t]

Some of the enemies that would be great to port:

-and many more.

I think it’s generally common knowledge now that the Serious Sam games are nigh on impossible to port from. Even programmes like Ninjaripper have no such luck.


But all you have to do is rename the file archives to .ZIP folders! Believe me, I’ve tried it, it works, and it doesn’t corrupt the files.
All the textures are in .TGA format, and all the models are .mdl files.

Really? Hmmm, I’m skeptical. But if you say you’ve done it then fair enough.
I guess rigging them would be a pain.

If you want, I think I still have some of the files I extracted from it on my computer, I could package up some of them and upload them. No guarantees that I’ll get all the files needed for each model together though, but I’ll try my best.

ive ripped models from Serious Sam, with ninja ripper the only thing that doesnt rip correctly are weapons.

Oh I see, I had heard people like ooga had previously had trouble with ninjaripper and serious sam.
Just assumed it was hard to rip from.

What 3d programs can open Serious Sam’s .mdl format? Can it be converted?

Do you have any ripped monsters on standby? :3

To my knowledge, Milkshape 3D has the option to import the Serious Sam .MDL format. Probably worth at least taking a look at.

from Serious Sam 3? Seriously?

i mean, it’s the BFE models we’re all trying to get.

Ok, just tested it again, renaming the .GRO files to .ZIPs works for Serious Sam BFE, First Encounter HD, and Second Encounter HD.

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Oh, it also works for SS2.

I got it to work. Since SSE uses Shader Model above 2.0 its a bit tricky but the results are amazing!

To make it easier for all of you I will post my WORKFLOW here

) GO OFFLINE - you dont want to risk a VAC Ban due to SSBFE uses VAC
) Disable Steamcloud for SSBFE and Ingamecommunity
) Setup Ninja Ripper to use the modable version of the game
) The Wrapper will be DirectX9
) Hit RUN
) Hit the console key and type in following command d3d_bForce20Shader “1”
) look for gfxRestart() to restart the engine renderer
) get into Netricsa pick the desired weapon and start ripping

I was wondering, has any progress been made at all, or any more attempts? The Mask was able to port the Sirian Werebull from BFE to Garry’s mod, so it shows that it is possible.

I saw someone already rip werebull in


Woops Sorry


Well there is a Gnaar model from GTA SA, not sure how getting models outta the game will work though

I would very much like some Serious Sam models as well.
Just showing my interest.

I liked the old Serious Sam from the first game when it looked like he ACTUALLY had muscles :v:

people that ACTUALLY have muscles don’t look like that :v:

You know that’s the one from ‘Serious Sam 2’ not SS1, right?