Serious Sam!

I basically Want a serious sam player model for gmod

That is a screen inside Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

+1 support

If only 3d Ripper DX would work with Serious Sam. :frown:

A real stupid question: how can you rip Xbox live games???

It’s on PC too, you idiot.

Calm down, he was just asking.

I can open the data folder and retrieve the models and materials with WinRAR its just I don’t know how to open the texture files! :frowning:

Don’t call people an idiot if they didn’t know the game is on PC Furfag.

if some ask the stupid question, answer nicely OK…NOW DEAL WITH THAT.

You’re not helping.

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Especially by calling him a furfag.

This site, i think, is tolerant of furries anyway.

I ask a friendly question and he going to quote just that 1 word at the end that offensive to me.

Just ignore him, We already realize how rude that statement was. Just another asswipe who thinks everyone should know what games are in what consoles.

3d Ripper works for serious sam 2 I managed to rip Sam from a map but that was a long time ago I can’t make anything in source engine i fail.

What the fuck. I asked to port SSHD models in the section a while ago and nobody even replied. But we do need these models. :v:

If someone do this it would be great :wink:

I support this! If SSHD can’t be done, would Serious Sam II work?

I agree that Gmod needs a Serious Sam ragdoll.

Also, could it be possible to utilize Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter’s editor?

we also need ragsolls of the enimies and the multiplayer characters

are you bumping up all the old threads on purpose? serious skin for heavy HEXED for those who are still interested