Serious Scavenger Roleplay (

snip since thermal decided to make a new post after he made this one

Wow, great advertisement. I liked the part where you told us the IP, and how detailed everything was.

game mode was finally uploaded to server… very nice come check it out… i thought it would be shit but it’s pretty nice

Worst ad I’ve ever seen. It’s missing a little of EVERYTHING.

God stop bitching i fixed the thread already.

So you ban people who play DarkRP? Sounds pretty fucking dumb, if you meant it literally.

Seriously. That is elitist, retarded, and just dumb.
DarkRP can be serious, its just 99% of the time the players are fucktards.


Also, if I recall right, the owner of this community is Thermal, which of who is a huge troll.

You misspelled “Character” in that character creation screen screenshot. Also, you state that your server is different from the rest but all I see is stuff that pretty much every other server that uses this particular gamemode has.

Please elaborate, what makes you different?

On another note.
You should remain calm when you post an advertisement, if you rage and start insulting people; nobody will join your server because of your immature behavior.

Bad server, playing in this made me want to crash it. It was terribly boring,

**Todays Goals.
Walk around, get junk.
Get more junk
Sit. Do nothing,
Junk, again.

There’s no circulation of anything,
There’s nothing new.
It’s just another nexus running Novus Two.

You need something different, not the same as everyone else.

There’s no theme.
It’s just collecting shit.
This server doesn’t inspire any character development.
I know plenty of DarkRPers who RP seriously.

Also cool fence, that’s what we really would like to see

There is plenty of stuff to do. You can join the rebels (civil insurgency) or you can join the (national guard) Protection force.I run the national guard and I have an obstacle course with zombies and you have to kill them using tactical weapons and more. Pretty fun, its not just walking around collecting stuff.

Does this server have any kind of backstory? Roleplay backstory i mean. It would make it lot more interesting.

Youve completely spat on NovusTwo

You didn’t modify it or make it special I see no point to this server.

You lack everything a serious roleplay needs, canon, purpose, events.


Also you lack knowledge on how to run the script.

First it is not me that owns the server. Second you’re a complete idiot, we are currently one of the most populated NovusTwo servers and we have plenty of events so sorry if im wrong but please play on the server before you make judgments.

Calling me a complete idiot shows a complete lack of maturity.

First off you trolling on my post shows a complete lack of maturity. Second, if you are going to flame a server I play on I have all the right to defend it. Third, why did you post anyways because you most likely haven’t played it. Last but not least please dont assume its bad because it makes an ass out of you and me.
Edit this also shows a lack of maturity.

Did you get that part from me?

I have posted pretty much exactly that dozens of time in the past (before I created my new account methinks).

"If you assume, you will make an ass out of you and me. ASS|U|ME"

Err no i never really posted or anything until i made a server advertisement. I knew that phrase for a long time hah