Serious soundscape issue

I created a map with several different soundscapes. It works perfectly fine on my localserver.

I use pakrat/packbsp and pack everything together. It still works fine on a localserver.

However, as soon as I put it on a dedicated server the sounds that are played are some kind of generic HL2 soundscapes (city, flies, fans, etc).

Why on earth would this be happening?

Edit: Apparently it’s not just my map. Bhop_exodus, which works just fine in CSS has the EXACT same problem. It must be some kind of gmod-related error.

I have tried EVERYTHING. Every possible Google search you can think of. I found ONE person who had the same problem:

Tearing my hair out here.

Another edit: Apparently using soundscape_debug 1 on a localserver shows the soundscapes but on a dedicated they don’t show up.

Yet another edit: