(Serious, Urgent, Details inside) Can someone with high PC knowledge, please help me with stopping Rust freezing my computer every 5 minutes of playing?

After playing Rust for like half an hour without problems, my computer completely freezes. Nothing moves, not the mouse, nothing. All sound stops too. Everything just completely locks up and I need to hard-power off. Then once I restart my PC and join back into the game, it barely plays for 5 minutes until it freezes again. Every. Time.

I have limited PC knowledge

Is there any kind of PC test applications you want me to run?
Do you need a copy of my specs?
Do you need a screenshot of my bios power setup?

I am going fucking crazy about this.

Thanks for any help

Have you tried other graphic intense games?
Are you on a laptop?
Have you checked your computer temps?

You could be the victim of… overheating.

Rust is the only game that freezes my PC like this.

Im on a custom built PC, would you like a screenshot of my specs and hardware?

I’ve only checked the temps in bios, but that is on startup without anything running, and I dont really know what im looking for.


HWMonitor - http://www.cpuid.com
You can check your current temps to get an idea if its heat related. It could of course be something else if the whole system dies from rust. I would recommend finding another unity game and seeing if there is any coincidence.

I just downloaded this. Want me to upload some screenshots of it running?

Post your Cpu type, and Gpu type.
Post your Cpu/Gpu in idle temps, and later we can try to monitor your temps when you launch rust (run in windowed mode to watch hwmonitor). if the temps reach past the safe limits than we have the cause. if it hard locks again than it’s another issue.

This is what it says while rust is running. It just locked up again after 20 minutes

Everything seems fine with the temps. GPu is a bit hot, but that’s normal. As long as its under 80 C it’s mostly ok.

Do me a favor and open up your taskmanager, and check the amount of ram Rust is chewing on. If it’s a memory leak (the memory is increasing) it would hard lock the computer when there is no more ram to leak.

This is my PC specs etc


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Im in task manager now. I’ve ticked the check boxes next to rust, how do I know the graphs im looking at is for the rust client only that you want to see?

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I was literally just taking a screenshot of the task manager and then it locked up again. It basically got up to about 6.92GB of memory used while rust was running for about 5 minutes

Tbh the game is in development and until it’s properly optimized system stability isn’t guaranteed. I have a fast system and I’m using 6gb of ram just to sit in the game. My game server is also using 23 Cpu for one player so the game is obviously going through problems atm. My advice would be to wait till the game is better optimized because it’s not worth damaging your system.

I understand, but it used to do this exact problem with legacy rust too

it wont damage your system in any way.
to me it sounds like a power supply failure.
had that too with a brand new GPU.
Switch the GPU to test if its the GPU,
else switch the power supply.
This will fix your problem in no time.

Im not great with computers sorry man. How do I switch to GPU? and how do i switch to whatever else?


Well the GPU is the graphics card.
You need to exchange it to a other one,
start the game and see what happens.
If its still not working, my highest bet lays
on the power supply. Its the big box inside
your computer, where all these cables coming from.
maybe its too weak… how many Watts does it have
written on it? since you use an AMD CPU and AMD GPU
they drain very much watts. since rust is very hardware
demanding/hungry it also costs much watts.

sorry for my english skills, but im a pc nerd - so try it.

PS. One little hint - in many countries you can buy tech stuff
and give it back 14 days no reason warranty. so buy a gpu
or power supply, and keep the one, thats making it working.
the other one can go back to the seller.

I have this

Sorry I dont have another graphics card to try inside

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Here - I took an actual picture of it for you

Thanks for your help by the way

the power supply seems fine here. even the 80plus on it.
you still have to try changing hardware to see whats the problem.
as i mentioned: in many countries you can buy tech stuff
and give it back 14 days no reason warranty. so buy a gpu
or power supply, and keep the one, thats making it working.
the other one can go back to the seller.

Ok. So basically, I have to get an exact model of my power supply box and my AMD graphics card - both the same, and swap them out and see if either of them stop the problem?

no. model doesnt matter.
just chose whatever you like
and see what solved the issue.

When it freezes, is your hard disk light on continuously? If so, it’s not hardware, it’s a memory leak in game.

Alright man. Does the power box have to be the same watts to replace though? (650w)
I’ll see if any friends have a spare graphics card around

Thanks for your help, i’ll reply if i update

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How do I check where and what the light is? Do you mean on the physical hard drive itself? Like I open up the case and look at it while the PC freezes?

Thanks for your help