Seriously? darkRP?

why the hell do people code for DarkRP or even making a gamemode in RP? it doesn’t mean you have any skill at all, worse the fact, the people that edit/make darkrp gamemodes actually think they can code

probably will be classed as ‘flaming’ but i’m just staying my facts. does anyone agree/disagree? please explain why

Because people make servers to show off their skills…

But can you explain why it requires no skill at all? It’s lua coding as any other.

It doesn’t have skill because it already uses it’s own base, FPje prety much coded the whole gamemode, and people are just adding random stuff to it. 99% of people that code for DarkRP just c/p.

Are you angry at the fact that people have basic knowledge of coding call themselves coders, or specifically people that change classes in DarkRP, then say they know how to code.

Dictionary definition: A person who designs and writes and tests computer programs.

Technically, they can call themselves coders.

Being one of the people that does have a DarkRP server, I would say I have a good understanding of how GLua works, but I don’t feel my expertise/ability is anywhere near a more reputable person on FP, which is why I usually say developer to people.

What about the 1% then?


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people that can actually code (known fact, most good coders don’t use DarkRP)

I’m not sure I really follow you. Aren’t you generalizing if you agree that some people can make their own content?

GangwarsRP was a DarkRP edit, by the way.

I’m saying that people should make their own content, GangWarsRP probably isn’t even that hard to code, I could be wrong though (add some models, entities, etc).

I’m angry for both of those reasons, although I wouldn’t call myself angry, only annoyed.

This is stupid. Go complain in the thread entitled what makes you made in gmod.

Too right. The purpose of this topic is to:

1.Flame DarkRP, because it’s very easy to add jobs, weapon shipments and other stuff.
I don’t see any negative about this. I think this is very good side of DarkRP, because you don’t have to
be a pro GLua coder. All the people who complain that kids can make DarkRP servers too easily, are just
stupid. If you notice you are playing on bad server, leave it and blacklist it. Was that so hard?
If you get banned by a “kid” admin, don’t blame DarkRP about it. If you are so “filled with rage” for getting banned from a bad server, make a post to the stupid ban thread.
There’s a lot “non-kid DarkRP server owners”, that do not know anything about coding. That’s why it is
DarkRP is good for it’s easy-to-mod function.
2. Flame server owners.

It’s just a mod made for fun, there are serious mod for who is looking for serious playing, and funny mods for who is looking for lots of laughter and trouble… Garry’s Mod was made at first place to be a game to please all the kind of people, and withhold the biggest amount of interesting modifications for hl2 based games without the need to download the client, and place in on the sourcemods folder.

I have a DarkRP server.

I use it PRIMARILY due to the fact I know shit about coding and DarkRP is easily customizable. It even has tutorials in the code. It makes it piss easy to enforce a serious roleplay. (Which is actually working out quite well, fyi. All except for the occasional minge but what can you do it’s Gmod.)

Why is that a bad thing.

There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with the gamemode. It’s well done, the creators aren’t dumbasses. The only reason everybody hates DarkRP is because of the kids and shitty ass servers that run it.

It supports the game and keeps the community thriving on Gmod.

It just sounds like you are getting pissy because people that have basic knowledge of coding are using a title you don’t like.

You’re being a bit over the top if you ask me.

Actually a very credited coder from Facepunch does play and code in DarkRP. He’s the same person who created the lua based sourcebans module we all use today. Also created AppleJack for the community VentMob which retired, the gamemode moved to RevoltGaming I believe. He has created many other things as well, some unreleased since I paid him for them. Some released as there his projects, such as the MoneyPot used on hundreds of servers. Or the new spruced and fixed up Keypad stool, which I wonder why it’s not on workshop yet. Of course there are more. Tobba is another known person here, he certainly knows his way around GLUA and I do love his derma skills from back in the gm10-11 days, that simple darkrp gui remake (limerp) was sexy. TheDevinity, while I don’t know much of his coding I have no reason to believe he’s a dolt. Every converse I’ve had with him has been productive.

My point is, I barely know any glua coders, in fact the only ones I’ve spoken to are those who have played on my servers OR spoken with about fixing issues in gmod, bugs/crashes/lag etc etc etc.

DarkRP can be fun if you run it correctly.

Everyone starts from somewhere and imo DarkRP is a good start, you can go as deep as you want to with DarkRP. From simply enabling the hunger module to learning every gritty detail about optimizing, networking and databases. It’s just all there in an organized manner. I do agree though that there are people who just use premade jobs etc. and then call themselves coders. But then again, it technically is still coding. It’s all relative. If an experienced GLua coder would for example go on a C++ forum they aren’t usually considered coders.

i wish people would make there own game mode instead of using one as a base. like how TSRP each RP server was pretty much its own mod sorta…

You joined to advertise your server in the wrong section then go round other peoples threads advertising?

He registered in 2007…

i actually agree with you completely. nobody even RPs in dark rp. 90% of it is bitching and moaning to admin about how some guy RDM’d you. its all little squeaker children i don’t want to hear the mics of, and they are too young to actually know how to immerse themselves into roleplay. the rest of it, is a who can own the most money printers contest. if i where to run a darkdm server, i would have a zero tolerance rule. if you bitch or whine even a little bit it would be a permaban. thats how you run a server. on top of AAALLLL of that. they are all the exact same. all the same mods, same guns, same amount of people, same shitty players, same map, same everything.