Seriously... Krystal needs a remake.

FIRST! before you even read this don’t even start claiming that i’m a furry! i’m meerly posting this for a friend who’s has no time of her own to get an account do to e-mail problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

she wanted me to request for a modder to make a more decent version of a krystal player model from the starfox series.

she sent me 2 images. one of the current version found on, and one from starfox assault.

i havn’t played a starfox game since 2004 so i really don’t care to much of that series anymore. but after looking at both image’s i have to admit… it really does need a remake.

and because i just found out that (unlike forums on the entire internet) i can’t post images, so i had to spend 3 agonising minutes searching for url’s for a similair image from assault. searching image’s for that character without running into the extreemly disqusting stuff is about a 13% out of 100. i was lucky.

the crapy version that exists now:

and a version that would make decent remake:

comparing both image’s speaks for themself’s. i don’t know whether creating the models from scratch or porting them from the game itself would be easier. but judging of how many internet sites and fans that this character has, you’d probly get an ungoddly amount of downloads from the file.

and if you need a more decent image try, they usually keep a large archive every game that came out in existence, i’ve had enough the subject for a day. x_x

Soo… There’s something wrong with furries?

Yeah have fun trying to find someone willing to actually port that thing. There’s an entire thread dedicated to it in the Models forum if you missed it. Search Krystal.

What do you think

Yeah. really my first time using the forum’s now that i think about it. so i really don’t come here often.

and to the first guy who replied: no, i don’t hate furry’s, i just see alot of people get beat up about the subject on

Furries are pretty hated here too. Anyways, you sould make a thread to the Model/Skin Requests Section.

They are welcome at :slight_smile:

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