seriously screwed

i know it has to be one of the admin addons i put in but i removed them and i still have this problem. Im new to the game and i was going to host a server. well before i did i was making some stuff and i found out that i cant use any of my tools. Seems that i have somehow locked myself out of my tools on singleplayer. worst of all i dont know how to disable it or even login as an admin. Could someone help please.
Thanks in advance.

Oh this is the error on console i get
weapons\gmod_tool\stool.lua:93: attempt to index a nil value

Hook ‘Admin Only Tools’ Failed: weapons\gmod_tool\stools/paint_remover.lua:36: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got function)

and im not even trying to use paint remover im trying to weld

The paint remover thing pops up no matter the tool. Try deleting the gamemodes folder.