Seriously Stuck, please help.

I am currently playing on [EU] unit insta…etc/ server.
I have been playing on it since 2nd day of release, and everything has been lots of fun. Good game, and addictive.
As i logged back in today, i went out the house, and then i froze. I alt tab del, End task and restart the game.
Now the game is stuck on the Waiting for character screen. wait 5 minutes while i went downstairs and back, still nothing.
I tried another server, exact same problem but without the repeated sound of gear being zipped on.
I Cant play the game at all as it stands. I reinstalled the game, still same problem.

I doubt this would help but have you tried to “Verify Integrity of Game Cache”?

  • Right click on game from your game library
  • Properties
  • Local Files
  • Verify Integrity of Game Cache

Maybe you should submit this as a bug to the devs

Does this happen when you join an official server?