SeriousRP Coder.

I am looking for someone with SeriousRP coding experience, such as coding Cakescript or Tacoscript, as I am developing a server of my own. We don’t really want DarkRP coders as DarkRP doesn’t really offer what we are looking for, not to mention DarkRP is like candy for minges.

People who offer their services will get paid. I don’t ask much, just removing and adding small things to the gamemode. I don’t need an entire gamemode from scratch.

Please post legit applications:

Internet name:
Tacoscript or Cakescript:
When you’re on usually:
Experience with coding:

I will contact you as soon as I can, or you can contact me. I’m Zombiestubble on steam. I have two accounts, and choose the one with the cloaked skull.

Tell us what you need, exactly. That’s why you haven’t gotten any posts in the past 3 hours.

I need a coder to modify the gamemode Tacoscript. Since I have no programming knowledge whatsoever, I just need some simple things done. This would be like removing certain things and modifying values. Also, we need someone not as more of a mercenary, but someone who wants to join a server community. That’s why I’m posting here instead of another server’s forums. Also, I would like to build up hype for the server, so it would be best not to say what our real intentions were because the chances of someone stealing our ideas and claiming them as our own are fairly high, ironically.

So that’s what we need. Just a coder. And we don’t ask much. Just someone who can dedicate their time to helping us reach our goal. Remember, there’s money!

I need a lumberjack to modify my mechanism called wheel.

I mean seriously, why would you want to use a thousand years old gamemode when there is Tiramisu that’s easily modifable (I know myself) and (oh god I am sorry for saying this) OpenAura?