SeriousRP - Single UI language per server or player to choose?

I want to make a decision. I can’t decide whether to:-

a) Have a single language file for SeriousRP which is copied to the client and contains all user interface strings for the chosen language translation of the RP community of that server…

  • Whole community generally talks in one language per server
  • Slightly less work to implement (If they understand what the other players are saying, they can probably understand the game menus too)
  • People who speak other languages might feel excluded when it’s not the intention of the community


b) Have multiple language files installed on the server so that players can select which language they want to see the game in, and it gets saved in the database.

  • Users get to see their own language on the GUI (latin characters at least, lua has 8-bit UTF-8 only)
  • Encourages people in many countries to join large, popular servers, since they can interact with the game in their own language on one server (apart from chat, unless they speak more than one language)
  • If people understand the menus but not the other players’ chat or voice, this could limit RP… better that they join a server in their own language? (see (a))
  • Slightly more work to implement (don’t worry about the code, that’s not the hard part)

I was originally going to go with “B” but now, I’m leaning towards “A”.

Any thoughts? What do you think would be better, and why?

Go with the first option. If peopel don’t understand basic english used in menus, then they’ll suck at RP.


Sounds like a plan guys, thanks for your input!

option “a” it is.

I am looking for the thread of your gamemode…
or are you going to create it later when you have more stuff to show?

This. Although I talk about SeriousRP a lot, I don’t feel that I have anything to show. I have a lot, but I want to show an end product.

I want my gamemode to kick ass according to my design here before I create a thread. People looking for status updates can go to

Code repository is Mercurial (not SVN) and will be available using TortoiseHG if you are using Windows in the same way as TortoiseSVN.

Code will not appear there until version 1.0.0 is released. At that moment, I will create the thread, release the gamemode and people can do what they like with it.

SeriousRP will be released under the MIT license.

Providing I get that far, you should be able to choose which database you want to use. By default, it uses SQLite but you will be able to select between MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server 2008 Express.

How far along is it?

I got very far along, then changed the design and went back quite a bit. That allowed me to strip out a lot of the old code and what I have now is much much cleaner. A release is probably 2 or 3 months away (MAYBE) if I get this much time to work on it. Status updates will be available on the site above.

I’ll launch a proper thread when I have something to show :slight_smile:

First one, people could have different languages but they then they would collide in chat and turn into a racism war