Serl - Civil War

Well, if you want to see any of my past work join the Desertia roleplay server. The weapons aren’t mine but any modifications to Lemonade including my armour in pieces system is.

Serl is my newest project that I’m announcing now. No screenshots or anything yet, but once some switches an such occur I’ll have a working server, and a mostly done script. Serl is set in a fictional near-future world where the atomic bomb never existed and the world is continually rocked by conventional warfare. Serl is a small country amidst all of this located in an environment similar to Central Europe.

** What’s the roleplay going to be like? **

You as a player will play as an average person, depicting the average struggle. You’ll live in a world where bombings are common, and where one day everyone you knew the day before is gone. There is a attempt at a coup in progress the two factions being The People’s Republic of Serl (TPRS) and the Serl monarchs. The Serl monarchy forces are a trained and disciplined army, while they do not give much liberty to the citizens they protect Serl from outside invaders and have been around since the beginnings of the empire ages. On the other hand TRPS is an untrained mish-mash of militia forces, whom are not well established and have very few resources. What they do have on their side is the support of most of the population and numbers.

** What started the coup? **

A series of riots occurred after a member of the Serlian royal guard slew a twelve year old boy during ration hand outs. This was passed off as an accident and he was not charged. The family and friends of the boy were outraged. As the riots grew, so did political tension which opened the way for The People’s Republic of Serl to form.

** What is your goal with Serl? **

I want to create a mature, and realistic play environment that will appeal to players whom are across a few genre borders.

** What will the action be like in Serl? **

It won’t be like a STALKER RP or even TnB let me introduce you to a concept that exists throughout nearly every serious roleplay medium. ** Permadeath ** if you’re killed in a manner that is personal, as in another player has set out to kill you specifically. This could happen if say you’re a TRPS member and after you’re on the floor from being gunned down in a fire fight a Royal Gaurd member drags you into an alley riddling your pitiful corpse with bullets. That’s a PK. Say you’re in a riot and the police beat you to the floor, capture, and then torture you? If they decide to kill you, that’s a PK. Say you’re a riot cop, and 2-3 common people overwhelm you and knock you down. They then proceed to beat you with things such as shovels and crowbars. That’s a PK.

In Serl when you’re shot there’s going to be around a 95% chance you’re going to be on the floor, other players will be able to drag you and either after recieiving a bandage or tourniquet depending on the seriousness of the wound. When hit with SERIOUS damage there’s a chance you’ll lose a limb. This has no actual effect on the player but is intended to be roleplayed.

You’re not fighting for a greater good. Not for a faction. Not for an ideal. You’re fighting to survive. The factions will have a loose grip on the displaced refugees at best.

** A few extra notes **

If you’re under 13, we really don’t want you as the roleplay is more or less teen rated and I’d like to have a mature audience. Exception can be made.
Only one faction will ever be in-city at a time minus events. Sometimes ruling faction will change day to day.

Forum link soon.

I fucking love you :smiley:

Sounds like it has a lot of potential and could be very atmospheric if the details are done right.

Also if anyone who can map and has a portfolio/examples is willing to help at out, post here, pm me, or contact me over Steam. Just search for Matthiasii. I don’t particularly -need- a mapper since I’ve got maps I want to use lined up already, but it’d be nice to have a custom map. I also would like a modeller again not NEEDED. I’d need like 1 simple melee weapon. I could always just use the stun baton model retextured or whatever.

Sounds great, finally something unique in a sea of HL2RP and Post-Apoc.

I’m working on content as I speak. It’s going to be fairly small. With 3-4 car models, 12 gun models, and 3-4 player models. I might make it download on join :smiley:

Sounds good Jawalt. I’d be willing to Beta it, if you’re interested.

Me too! Come on Star, let’s pwn.

Can’t wait until it’s finish Jawalt.

Sounds very promising

Sounds very interesting. Definately something I would like to beta test.

I’ve got a pretty cool timeline down as to the differences between Serl’s ‘universe’ and our ‘universe’.

600 BC - A great prophet is born in what will later be one of Serl’s distant neighbors.

200 BC - This becomes the most accepted religion in the world.

0 AD - The ‘great cleansing’ occurs, the leader of this to-be world power of the religion calls for a holy cleansing of the non-believers. They’re killed in mass through burning alive, as it was seen to be the only way to cleanse them. The non-believers flee far from the influences of the religion. One of these places is Serl.

600 AD - The age of city states begins, most of the world is still ruled by lords and such that are joined into large unions.

1200 AD - The beginning of the age of empires, cities bustle, man turns to early machines and wooden cranks.

1800 AD - The age of empires slowly declines opening to new republics and nations to form. This happens slowly.

1929 AD - As the grip of the mighty religion ends Serl announces religious acceptance as do it’s close neighbors. This sparks the beginnings of ‘two’ wars that will last 60 years. The oppressed religious members are blamed for the sudden decline in the nearby nations. Slowly the entire world is pulled in.

1962 - The first half of the war ends, less being a single war and more of a string of smaller wars climaxing in one large 10 year war two years of peace is seen after this.

1986 - The second of the great wars ends in 1886 after a worldwide league of superpowers is formed, creating peace. Uri Piltz comes to power this in 1886 as well. He is descended from a group of radical religious that fled during the holy cleansing.

1986 (second half) - Uri Piltz declares a holy war, sparking the world to war once again. The religion that’d been so long repressed lashes back in the form of violence slaying people on the streets. The conditions in Serl for once go from being 3rd world to an almost modern state. People rejoice.

1988 - Uri Piltz is executed when the league reaches Serl’s capital of Luchnin (LUCK NHIN) they punish Serl for it’s actions destroying their economy. The once mid-world country is plunged into a state of decline, joining it’s neighbors in poverty.

2014 - The ever declining Serl plunges into a civil war. Both sides point the finger at each other for the poor economy and military strength.


It follows the same general model of history with technology and all. Only the nuclear bomb was never created.

Wow, by reading the timeline going with it and your info, this seems really promising. I can’t wait for this to be realesed.

Looking forward to it.

Can’t wait