server #1]☠RolePlay☠PvP|Factions|Events|Realism server #2 ☠RolePlay☠Jobs|Cops|Bank|Court|NoKOS| servers owned by OG server 2 has DDOS protection

Hey guys I am here to talk about 2 great roleplay servers owned by a great owner name “OG” We also have a mumble server available if you would like to join us in it.
Server 1 is named “]:skull_and_crossbones:RolePlay​:skull_and_crossbones:PvP|Factions|Events|Realism” ip is so if you want to join it is net.connect I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Server 2 is named ]:skull_and_crossbones:RolePlay​:skull_and_crossbones:Jobs|Cops|Bank|Court|NoKOS|which has DDOS Protection the ip is so if you want to join it is net.connect! The admins are great and they keep people in order you wont have any trouble in any of the servers!

Mumble info:address: Port:2612 the username and label is whatever you would like it to be!

We hope to see all you magnificient people in these servers with us and hope you enjoy it as all the players in it already do! We have shops in the servers to buy items and we have the prices and information including rules in the server on the site. The site is called so sign up there! The main owners name OG’s steam page link is so if you need additional information be sure to contact him. The admins on these servers are extremely helpful and love to help so if you have a problem contact them immediately! We welcome all new players with respect and kindness!