server 40slots what Required for that?

i am going to open darkRP server with 40 slots and i am woundering how much RAM memory and what kind of cpu require for that.
and someone know if OVH or HostHatch VPS are good for gmod servers?


Using OVH, Rent a custom server with a custom connection, the connection should be around 1 byte per hour, CPU should be 0.5 cores with 0.1GHz, Ram around 64Kilobytes & use an HDD with around 1MB Storage, you should be good to go!


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wtf is going on in here

also op you should probably just rent a gmod server (not a vps) from NFOservers if you want an easy answer. If you’re deadset on a VPS though you don’t have to worry that hard because gmod pretty much just uses one core, and typically not even 1 gb of a ram. Bandwidth wise expect around 56 kb/s per slot, but each slot obviously won’t be filled 100% of the time, so you figure that out.

thank for the help
so xeon 2.6 core will be good enough?

When the fuck will people understand that xeon blabla Ghz blabla cores means fuck all? Say which xeon it is, like E3-1231v3.

Xeon E5v3
@ 2.4 GHz
that all what they write in the website

If they can’t specify tell them to fuck off and start providing real specifications for their services. Host seem obsessed with rubbing XEON in everybodies faces but for all we know they are using 02 xeons! Personally I would avoid NFO as they have only caused issues for me and the community I work with, if you are only hosting one gmod server than just go for hosted not a vps as you will probably be saving dollah!

it doesn’t ‘just’ use 1 gb, it depends on how big the map is, how many props, how many people etc.

Hence why I said typically, many people wind up using way less than that (500 or so)

And if that turns out to not be enough, most non-shit vps providers make it pretty easy to upgrade.

Well, he wants a 40 slot darkrp, so since hes asking we guess it’ll be poorly managed(just guessing, not knowing, plz), so it DOES require way more than just 1GB, he’ll prob have the prop limit over 250, and many tools are in there too(ropes, winches, lamps, lights, wiremod overall, wheels, thrusters, hoverballs, …) Then each player etc. So yeah.

I love idiots, since it’s fuck all to do with RAM and ya can’t exactly utilise 32gb in srcds …

fine then lets make a deal, run a 40 slot server, and have those 40 slot constantly full with active people(raiders, gigantic bases etc), have wiremod installed, set the proplimit above 250, and then tell me what the ram usage is. since our small ttt server already took over 3GB ram with 20 people on it once.

Then you have one fucked up addon. At about 60-70 hours uptime and a constant 60-110 players my server maxes at about 1gb of ram usage.

Dito, I’ve not checked in last 6-12 months but I don’t see anything in SRCDS changing that would alter the ram usage.

Actually private ram usage of srcds with 50-100 players, 50/100 props each with wiremod and coded properly still doesn’t go over 1gb of ram.