Server abuse


I thought I would warn other fellow Rust players to avoid a server named [GER/EU] Survival Effects because the admins are abusing (an admin named normandi in specific).

Our situation goes on as following: We see a base we want to raid that’s near us, we go over there and see they are stupid enough (or simply new) and do not have a building cupboard, so we gather resources and place down a building cupboard. We kill them a few times, we die ourselves and in our death time they fix the cupboard and get it. So we go back, get the cupboard again and make it all stone so the players we are raiding cannot do anything. Moments later an administrator named normandi flies in our base and says “Oh, that’s griefing, learn to play!” and proceeds to remove our building cupboard and gives it back to the players who are raided.

Okay, I get griefing being against the rules but catching out players who didn’t place a cupboard and being punished for it? That’s abuse and completely stupid.

Avoid this server at all costs, because raiding people here is considered against the rules and they’ll call an admin.

So basicly you broke the rules because you griefed on a non grief server. I dont see a problem that server seems to be good if the admin responded that fast.

Read the rules thats it. no admin abuse + its his server he can do whatever he wants.

Sorry, you consider placing down a tool cupboard next to a base that has no tool cupboard (their own fault) that we’re planning on raiding griefing? Maybe you should go ahead and join this server, you’ll fit right in :^).

May I also say this server wiped twice in 2 days because they were lacking players and wiped twice just to change the date on their server title to gain playerbase (as most players want the most recently wiped servers). If you mention this in chat you get banned bad the way, seen that happen. 10/10 server.

This is kind of funny. It’s is there server… If the owner and the admins what to fly about raining death they can do so. It’s not like someone has a gun to your head to play on said server.
It sounds like a noob server so go join a more hardcore server.

Posting this is really childish, and no one is going to concern themselves with it or do anything about it. but thanks for the heads up??

I agree to an extent on what you said about following the rules, but the mentality of “It’s his server, he can do whatever he wants” isn’t a good one. It’s like saying “Oh, if the admin wants to fly into your base despawn everything and run off” he can, no that attitude is toxic and encourages that sort of behaviour, mainly because when you have a 12yr old with a credit card, that’s the sort of shit that happens.

But its true. If the admin decides to kill everybody he can do that. People wont play on that server anymore but you cant stop the owner.

The server owner and admins have to right to run their server which ever way they want. If players consider them to be bad admins they have a choice to leave. I would advice all players to read a servers game rules. If you placed a tool cupboard on a players base and stoned it in an attempt to take over that base, we would evict you from that base too. We don’t allow it.

making fun of the server rules doesn’t change the fact that you got punished for breaking their rules.

no admin abuse here, move to a server that suits you better.

Yep i been there! with my own server ! 7dtd server but its the same engine!! hype!
Tunnel Vision Admins Rules! Aka Fallout 3 Quote! :mindblown: