Server acting as a lan?

Hmm… So my newly setup dedicated server is acting as a lan server and only appears in the lan tab, not in the network. I forwarded port range 27000 - 27030 TCP and UDP, but it still wont work. Anyhelp please?

Rcon to it or open up the server console, and set sv_lan to zero with the command “sv_lan 0”?

or, make a file in your cfg folder named: server.cfg and then type “sv_lan 0” and then put that same phrase into autoexecute

Ill try this.

EDIT: Still not working. It just doesn’t show up in the list, and it is in my lan tab.

Enable bridge mode on your modem.

I don’t use a modem, its a router. The Verizon FiOs standard one. I’ve been trying to find a tutorial or a thread that has a way to fix this problem. It just doesn’t display itself in the list.

This happens with me. It is using your Dynamic IP to connect to the server so it will be under the LAN tab, but really it is your Static IP which is used to go onto internet list. For people looking for servers yours will show up but with your Static IP not Dynamic IP. So dont mind if it says LAN. Unless friends cant connect.
Static IP is this, which is what friend’s use to join.

Static IP is simply an ip that doesnt change. Most people have a dynamic external ip, even though it may not change much, it is still dynamic.

Even the lan ip of a computer can be dynamic, unless you keep it on all the time. Turning it off often will give the router a chance to change it or forget the computer’s lan ip. Its best to reserve an lan ip so you never have to edit your router configuration.