Server Addiction - What causes it?

I am creating a server but was wondering what do people think makes people want to come back and play? I know a good community or give a false hope of admin or something but I can’t put my finger on what brings people back, what makes them addicted to a server. Most servers are mediocre and are all the same and I need to set it away from other servers, what could I do? Does anyone have idea’s they don’t plan on using and want to donate it to me? I’ll put it to good use.

Make the server fun.

Be Cre8ive but on a US box and you’d have me playing.

I bet my E2 folder, he’s asking for DarkRP specific ideas.

I would not be surprised.

Addiction is caused when you use something often and when you stop using it suddenly, you gain withdrawal symptoms such as headaches.


What does Cre8ive have in specific? I tried to do this with GGG - Pyramiden, offer a safe building space for cars and such.

A re-arranged material list which has the most common materials on top for easy access, sit anywhere 3 (where you have the physgun enabled) and I’d say that’s about it. Cre is a shitlag place though and besides reserved slots, it has no protection against minges at all (hour limit, math question à la dassdraugen, etc.)

Well, other than the re-arranged material list, we have those things. Sitanywhere, at least.

throughout the time I played, people have been attracted to several things, mostly scriptss like progression for example. an incentive to play: the more time they spend playing the more rewards they can get. to top that off, the progression saved, the sever would keep your rewards safe from being wiped. theres also the factor of scripting and better gui for whatever game mode you had.

two big communities that thrived were noobonic plague and the noxious zombie survival servers, but idk if they’re still alive or not. those were the servers to go to back then.

Beautiful answer, useful!

I can confirm that nox is ~mostly~ still alive. Their forums are bit stagnant last time I checked as well as some of their less popular gamemodes (fucking incredible work jetboom’s done there) but zombie survival still lives on.

Also, ya, progression that leads to actual useful rewards as well as non-linear and/or repetitive gameplay are major parts of causing server addiction. Oh and a good well knit community too.

pretty much what i was getting at

noxious, despite its community being a bit cancerous, was a well knit community. the rewards you got for playing were cosmetic at most and were only there to ‘express’ yourself in chat and status and such.

as for noobonic plague, that servers been dead for months. however, it had revolutionary features, albeit could be irrelevant to RP. this consisted of going and mining any piece of stone wall (hitting it with a crowbar) give you stones or a chance to find gems which you would then sell for money to an NPC.

as a gundealer, you could also buy shipments of more advanced weapons from an NPC, or just buy a single gun if you weren’t a gundealer. the gundealer had the ability to also spawn these robotic vendors that people could buy handguns from for a fixed price every time they pressed E on it, giving the gundealer money.

the chef was also useful, as the server had a eat/thirst system. like the gundealer, the chef could place down a robotic vendor, a microwave, which would give people food at a fixed price. the chef could also sell higher quality food if needed be.

the inventory system was also cool, as you can put stuff in your “pocket” which was around 5-8 spaces wide. there you can store food, weapons, shipments, ammo, you name it, and drop it wherever whenever you wanted. then, you had a bank system that was there was a permanent inventory alternative.

raiding was also interesting, as prop blocking was accepted because props had health damage. so if you thought about raiding someones home, they would prop block their doorways with blast doors and you’d have to crowbar your way through them all to kill them and take their shit. it gave time for others to intervene or cops to come and help and such. the servers community was shite but the scripts had potential. i’ll just shut up now.

Having decent staff that are all above the age of 16