Server addons etc..

I’m setting up a new server, it’s been quite some time since I last had a server. Where is the best place to find addons like easy precision, snap tool etc… A lot of the tools on are out of date. Can I just use the one’s on Workshop? And take them from my game folders? I’ve already setup ULX and Prop Protection.

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Nice. Thank you.

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I’m a little confused. It’s not obvious how you add items to a collection.

Sorry to bump. But I’m stuck. Google is’t really helping. How do I add items to a collection. I understand the rest, I just can’t see how I’m supposed to add items.

Have you managed to create a collection and are stuck on adding or have you not been able to find out how to create a collection?

Ok. I worked out how to create a collection and add items to it. I have setup my command line start up for my server, my server provider(xenonservers) actually have the option for ID and KEY in the command line settings. I have put the ID and KEY in the relevant fields, saved and restarted server. But I’m still not getting the tools I have added?

This is the collection:

Not sure if I’m allowed to post server links, so I won’t unless I’m allowed.

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OK, I’ve got a temporary workaround. I used Gmad to extract the lua files from the addons I wanted, and uploaded the raw files the old way. I would still prefer to do it the proper way.

ID = workshop ID (in your case: 144525574)
KEY = your API key. Get one by signing in here.