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Me and my friends started playing on this server about 3 hours ago because our main was down. After we all found eachother,we met two dudes that were fully equipped and decided that we should play the naked card(we all had pistols).
So after a while talking with the dudes, we pull out our pistols , and rain fire over them. One dead, yay. Thing is, we realized after shooting about 10 pistol rounds in the other dude’s head that he wasn’t dead. He then proceed to look at us for a long moment(10 secs) and shoot our three down.

We then call admin abuse(godmod) in chat. We explain our story and most people in chat proceed to take our side saying how it’s unfair, abusing power etc. After a couple of minutes,what appear to be the server owner (a gentlemen named “Mensch”), respond by saying that he will take care of this and that he takes admin abuse very seriously.
Ubel(the godmod admin) decided to throw a little something in the conversation by saying that it was our fault to shoot an admin with godmod on(lol), and that we basically deserved to get abused because we betrayed them.

After a couple of seconds, me and my friends all get IP banned from the server.

TLDR; Don’t join(title) , don’t join any servers with Mensch as owner.Don’t recruit Ubel as an admin in your server.

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They just deleted this post in their respective server thread,which is why I made this one. People needs to know what’s up. If you want a proof, I streamed the whole thing. It will be up on youtube relatively soon.

Have a good one!