Server admin advice....Want planes but no C4..

I have created a new server were we have removed decay and hoping to remove C4.

Ive removed the C4 loot tables but still worried if C4 will appear appear.

Lots of people are asking for the plane drops and i really want to put them in…

So im looking for advice pls…

How can i add the planes without C4 appearing on the server??

What’s the point of playing without C4? Seems kind of boring.

(Sorry for the non-constructive post.)

You’d be surprised how many people want to play, explore, pvp etc without destroying every base they come accross…

People put alot of work into building their homes only to have the people try destroy as soon as its up :slight_smile:

I can respect that. I like the rush of defending my base/coordinating an attack with some friends, but you’re right on folks being vicious hyenas blasting anything they can get into.

Hopefully someone can answer your question. Cheers.

I know with DropParty mod, if you simply remove the explosive charge line entirely…from every table…there will no longer be c4.

HOWEVER, you must also remove the c4 blueprints and f1 grenade blueprints so that people cannot craft them.

I have a server where c4 is craftable not lootable, so its harder to come by.

Some people is new and wanna learn the game and that takes time. They cant do that with someone raiding them or killing them every 5 min right?

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I think there should be c4 just a limit to it and or each player should get 1 box or safe that can’t be looted…the c4 limit is to balance play between players that have a lot of time to find and or craft c4 while some players like myself can’t play more than a few hours a week…

We only have a small server so far…20 regulars…

What would you suggest as a way to limit it?

I figure once they get 1 and learn it with a research kit…they can make shitloads anyway?

simple… I did the same on our server… we took out c4 for the first week to let folks establish.

Add a loot mod and you can remove them from the air drops.

I dont mind people raiding on my sever but to limit the amount I have disabled crafting and researching of explosives. They can only get Explosives to create c4 from drops/events and the economy system where it is expensive. Raiding is still possible but harder to do.
As for removing it completely as long as you have it set and make sure to remove it from all the tables you should be fine.