Server/Admin Commands

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if somebody could please advise on current server/admin console commands for tweaking the config of my server? It is running experimental and I haven’t hosted on anything but legacy until now.

After reading some posts it seems that you need to write your own commands, is this the case? If so has somebody written some default commands that I could possibly upload to my server and utilise?
Would these commands only work on an Oxide modded server or can it work with Vanilla?

Lastly, how do I log into rcon when the only command available is to set the rcon password? Do I need to add my ownerid to the users.cfg file?

Thanks so much in advance.


Hello :slight_smile:

Admin commands :

moderatorid STEAMID
This command is used to give someone access to the admin commands.

kick NAME
This will kick someone from the server. You don’t need the full name, unique partials will work. This also broadcasts a KICKED message to the server.

This will execute a kick ban. It will thusly be broadcasted to the entire server.

This command will ban a user given their steamid. This is the only administrative punishment that does not broadcast to the rest of the server.

This will cause the console to print out a list of connected clients along with their ping, ip and steamid. This can be quite taxing if used on a fully populated server.

This is a helpful command to force the server to write all bans / moderator id’s which have been set to config files (located in the /server/identity/cfg folder. The config files do write upon shutdown, however if the server crashes… that will be lost. Therefore, it is smart to run this command after every ban to make sure it sticks.

inventory.give ITEM AMOUNT (example: inventory.give wood 1000)
This command allows you to give items to yourself. Note: the item name needs to be in the short name form (like rifle_bolt or metal_ore). To see all short names, check out the admin inventory site.

say “I am server console”
This allows you to speak as SERVER CONSOLE. Note, you need the quotes in to say multiple words.

server.globalchat 0
This will make text chat local (meaning only people close to each other can see each others chat messages). This is currently set to 1 by default.

env.time 0 - 24
Change the time on the server. 12 = noon.

teleport “playername”
The new Rust now has teleport! Just type a partial name (no quotes required if there aren’t any spaces).

teleportany [entity]
This is a weird one… it allows you to teleport to any entity type of your choosing. For instance, to go to the nearest horse, type: teleportany horse.

No clip
Admins can turn on no clip with right SHIFT-L.

Free cam
Right SHIFT-P turns on free cam. Note: This mode kinda sucks at the moment. People / buildings outside your characters render distance are not visible. Also, it’s pretty damn slow moving.

This is a useful tool that will hopefully help pinpoint aimbots. It will enable a yellow trail behind every projectile. Be careful though this can become very taxing very quickly. In addition, if you enable this on your server you will see little metrics boxes pop up in game.

If you want to login as owner : use : onwerid steamidon64bits “yourname”
There is a steam id translator on internet or use Oxide :slight_smile:

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Here is a comprehensive list of known admin, and player commands with descriptions.