Server Admin Console

I need help with making a Server Admin Console. I need a screen that pops up at the beginning with info (server name, rules, etc.), a bar I can pull up to ban/kick people and add admins to the list, and a way to play music all throughout the server. I am planning to host a DarkRP server with this. If anyone could help me or give me a link to something like this, it would be much appreciated. (I don’t know LUA coding.) That is the ULX download. It’s pretty useful. Or you could get ASS mod. It’s also pretty useful.

Are the two (ASS and ULX) usable at once, or will they conflict in some way.

They aren’t usable at the same time. If you had one of them and got the other at the same time it would delete the one you first had and you would have the other one you downloaded.

Okay. Thanks.

No problem.

you can better start with ASS mod. its very easy to use. later when the server is good and running better use ULX for more advance admin


also pretty cool is Citrus. you gain sort of “points” every 5-10 minutes