Server Admin/Owner Help

I created a Garrys Mod server with srcds and I got it running. People have joined it and everything but whenever I join it, I do not have owner. I cannot spawn “special items” or do things that normal users can’t do.
How do I make myself owner/admin when I join my own server? Thanks.

This would be much easier, for example if you don’t have a admin mod try getting a mod like

Admin Mod List.
GManage :
Citrus :
ASSMod :

You could also add your STEAMID to a cfg file that contains the admins by default, Only one is garry and the lan user.

wtf you on about its easier if you DONT but then you list admin mods?

Hey, i added another owner to my listen server, and i cant find a way to remove him from that rank to superadmin. any suggestions on how to make him superadmin again?