Server admin, seeking advice on looking for hackers

title basically sums it up. I rent a small 50 person server and while it hasn’t been an issue yet, I’m always interested in anything I can do to reduce the chances of it. I host with HFB if that makes much of a difference. The main reason I decided to rent my own server is to get away from abusive admins and know that anyone that is doing anything out of the ordinary is doing so without permission :). I pride myself in not using cheats and just want to keep the playing field for everyone. Nothing worse than killing someone only to find out they were an admin and get kicked from the server, or see people pop out of nowhere using teleport commands =(

Thanks for any any hep!


HFB have a lot of log files you can access from your control panel. There is even a way to view all admin commands that have been issued, I think it’s one of the Oxide mods.

Anyway, if you use Oxmin you can see a list of people who have connected and how many times. That might be a good place to start from then use the other logs to investigate further.


Also, if you use Rusty you can keep tabs on things better. Since Admins are so limited right now it’s really a matter of just staying vigilant. If you suspect someone of hacking then it’s best to watch them and see if they give themselves away. At that point it’s a matter of banning them.

First off, know that the moment you use any admin command, even against a hacker, you’re going to be called an abusive admin. That’s just the way it works. Whiners will always complain about abusive admins, even when the admins are playing fair and square. That’s why I don’t play on my own server.

Now that that’s out of the way, make use of the invisible gear and teleport to any suspected cheaters. Best way is to listen for any play reports of BS.

Totally forgot about the invis gear! That is quite helpful. I definitely know what you mean about the “OMG ABUSIVE ADMIN!!” finger pointing that goes on. Most people forget the fact I played by myself on my server for the first few days so it shouldn’t be that surprising that I have a big house and lots of guns! I actually had to borrow a friends Bolt action so i could research it :slight_smile:

Anyways, thanks for help, feel free anyone to come on over and say hi sometime. for all the info on my server :slight_smile:


If you go invis a hacker, and that person is actually hacking… Well bad luck. His aimbot block ‘invis users’ . On his ESP you have a BLUE bar around you. He will know you are there, but will never shoot you.

You pretty much can’t do shit, unless the hacker is a moron and downloaded some cheat from mpgh or unknown

Lmao not really, If there is 100% proof that the person is hacking then its fine. People bitch and moan when you join a server and the admin has a 100 story metal base building with 1000 c4, teleporting people, or kicking/banning people from their servers because they got killed or raided.

I find it easier having a bigger server. Why? because I have more users constantly telling me there’s speed hackers, jumpers, aimbotters on my Steam. I have 1/4 of my player base on Steam as friends, we always have 80-120+ people online and trust me hackers are banned within 2-3 minutes generally.

I also request any users having issues use fraps, or a video software. While also not saying anything in global chat, and just reporting to one of us directly.

I have one admin that is on 16 hours a day, and myself who is on generally 8-12 hours a day. Eventually, the hackers will die out because they are getting vac banned, they do lose money and then they don’t go back. Some do, but not many.

Just whack your invisible armor on, go spy on them.

Running a server is like a full time job, I shit you not.

The problem with using invisible armor to spy on haxxors (as has been pointed out already)…is that you will NEVER catch an actual hacker wearing invisible armor because you will show up highlighted on their ESP/Radar and the aimbots can be configured (if not already defaulted) to not shoot at invisible (admin) players.