Server Admin Tools Are Garbage/Suggestions/Bugs

The title really says it all.

Spectate in its current form is worthless. Its clunky, not smooth, and not actually in first person. You can’t see the player zoomed in with iron sights/scopes.
This would really help in verifying the aimbot. Server admins need a TRUE first person spectate mode. Why is there not a true first person spectate? Will
a true first person spectate be added in the future?

Server admins also need some sort of ESP, similar to how esp hacks themselves work. It would be easier to verify those who are ESP’ing, than playing the guessing game and toggling between, spectate and cameradebug.

All in all, people create communities because they are sick of playing with hackers, but in rusts current form, we are given nothing that helps combat them.

vis.attack is also still broken. It only works on yourself. vis.attack being fixed would be extremely helpful with the bullet tracers.
Attack damage, and even showing what body part was hit by a bullet in rcon that killed the target would also be extremely helpful, at least for the blatant aimbotters that don’t care and just HS everything.

Apologies for the rant, but i honestly believe in order to combat hackers effectively server admins need the proper tools to do so, which we don’t even have.

perhaps the game is not at that stage were the devs want to bring somethng into the game were they may have to keep reconfiguring it to keep up with the current modifications and updates ?

For now you could use oxide admin mods.

I would love to, but mods that don’t alter vanilla gameplay still throw your server from the community server list, to the modded server list :confused:

And perhaps your right. I would just like to know if the devs ever plan on actually making a real first person spectate view, or even add things like ESP for server admins in the future.