Server Administration problems.

Hello Everyone,

i have a little 25 people server were me and some friends play together with other people. I was not online for a while and since yesterday i tried to connect to my server but it didn’t let me so i restartet the server and after that restart i could no longer connect to the server with the admin tool (rusty). There is no error message, it just takes forever to connect and then drops the connection, the server itself is running and my server provider even gave me a new ip adress for the server but still there is no connection. Is it possible that there was a patch were beeing a admin was disabled completely?

you may need to update your server

It updates when i stopp it, then it searched for updates and installs it. But there isn’t anything happening right now.

I don’t have it on a root server so i can’t update it manually (and i don’t even know were to get that update anyway)

I have Rusty Version 2.5 and i think the newest rust version with all these new effekts for cold, hot and all that.