Server administration system issue.

Hello. I am currently hosting a server and I enjoy using ass mod but the only thing I don’t enjoy about using ass mod is that when ever I or anybody playing tries to kill themselves, it says “If you’re stuck, good luck getting out” and I along with all of the other players on my server want to remove that. I am unsure of where to find it and I am unsure if it’s a lua folder, or a certain file or something like that. Maybe a command that I can run to fix it? Let me know because I am concerned on how to remove that. I have looked around and can’t seem to find anything on how to fix this problem.

Thanks, Jova


Well since you have resolved it im gonna suggest my idea anyway

Just tele them whenever they are suck or umm be a bad admin and ignore them :smiley:

I would want to make a good impression of myself along with my servers.

lol guess so just wanted to be helpful :smiley: