Server Administrators ability to spawn NPCs?

Anyone aware of any Addon, or legitimate what for server owners and administrators to spawn any Animals/NPCs?

Our server is currently running Oxide, and I’ve navigated through as many add-ons I can find that are available on the forums unable to find anything.

i would like to see the option for admins to make spawn points for resources and animals to expand more of the map.

There already is but it’s a pain. You have to set individual names for everything you spawn and it’s one at a time. I haven’t tested enough but I do know they respawn after a restart. Also sometimes zombies don’t move and they just sit there and attack from one spot. Not to mention the lag this add-on creates >.>

Awesome thanks, this is more for creating a fight pit where we add bears when the players start playing too passive.

I think it’ll be good for admins to be able to spawn NPCS for

  1. Events
  2. Testing players with Speedhack (they tend to activate it only at points of danger)
  3. Replacing misplaced NPCs which spawned into rocks/buildings

Not anymore, that was removed/fixed in the latest update.