Server Admins: Can't ban player by their name? Use their SteamID64

Tonight there was a hacker on my server with the name of “-” (without quotes). He was spawning 100’s of C4 and blowing everything up.
I tried doing ban “-” and banid <steamid> but both did not work.

The solution
I pressed Shift+Tab and opened up the player list to find a profile with an empty name.
I was able to find his SteamID64 using 2 ways:

  1. Using a site like and entering his profile link.
  2. Appending ?xml=1 to his profile url (e.g.<profileid>/?xml=1)

Then I did ban “<steamid64>” along with kick “<steamid64>” and it worked.
Note that I used “ban” not “banid” and the common STEAM_X:X:XXXXXX format does not currently work here.

I hope this helps anyone trying to ban someone by name but cannot do so.
The wiki has been updated:

Ok nice, thank you for the tip. But if I do that just like you, next time I restart the server the banned player can get in?

The banned player will stay banned since all bans are saved in cfg/bans.cfg. You can also ban offline players by adding an entry for them in bans.cfg.