Server Admins - Limited C4 Feedback requested

So I have the usual story of:

Had server
initial pop growing nicely 30 people at peak

Then a few groups got their hands on lots of C4 (drops, crafting) and raided and raided till half the server was gone. Some of us bunched up and retaliated, but it’s just a vicious circle. We raid them, they raid us. The guys in the middle get hurt the most.

For those of you that do have limited C4 (maybe non craftable, airdrops only etc)

How does that balance raiding?

How does it affect server population?

What is the new player reaction to limited C4?

Suggestions on other options to balance current gameplay? (limited sleepers, currency, etc)

Thanks All

If C4 is a problem on any server and you don’t want to mod it, simply wiping the server and raising the air drop count to a very high playercount will prevent this type of raiding

The item that once gotten that seems to mess up most servers is simply “Explosives”

As soon as one group gets Explosives and begins farming it, they can then just actively raid everyone.

I noticed when my server never had a single air drop, raiding occured but only by people who built smart and got through windows, or luckily found C4 in a zombie and used it wisely but could never cause massive damage

So if you want to limit C4, just take explosives out of the game and the problem is solved really.

@Developer wise - explosives need to be harder to make, a large group of 10 can make so many that they can raid anything.

Ya that’s pretty much it.

I actually like airdrops, as it entices pvp, and I would still allow C4 in drops. It just wouldn’t be in large quantities. My plan is to make explosives non-craftable, which in theory would work nicely. Raiding would still be possible, but it would be a much bigger effort.

Well then you should install leather and check out the drop party mod - I believe from there you should be able to set explosives to not be craftable or rather make them not appear in air drops at all.

And I agree, air drops do cause conflict among the players who attempt to go to them.