server admins should step to the police

Maybe a option for all server admins to step to the police…
we pay for a server and its getting destroyed by some weird people… this isn’t legal!
maybe when enough people do this… they will take action…
Just a idea… let me hear what u guys think about this, because this is not only against RUST… allot individuals are attacked this way…

wonder what u guys think about this… and maybe we can do this together.

yes i agree, the popo will ride their magical unicorns and save the day!

  • the police wouldn’t care… seriously.

not when only 1 guy report it… that why i was thinking about step to the police as a big group… its just an idea… why would we let this happen without any action we take…

yes, the police can arrest all the people who own the computers that are part of the botnet attacking the game

good idea i don’t know why we didnt think of this

I’m not going to any police, they will laugh at you. Reminds me of when Sheldon on BBT reported his things stolen in World of Warcraft to the cops and they laughed at him.

Bottom line is the devs should do something about this, and immediately. I get that this is an alpha game, the issue is I paid money for this alpha game and I expect to at least be able to play it whether I like the game or not…THAT is where I have an issue.

It isn’t our responsibility, it’s their obligation. If they have crappy net software that has security issues…they need to get another vendor and fix this.


me: police! some anonymous french guy is exploiting a networking library to DDos a game i play, can you arrest him???
police: lol

HahahahH hhH haaaahahahah

That won’t work. Period.

hmm sounds like hackers got a free world if i must believe what u say…
time is changing… people that hack will get busted some day… if none ever report a thing… they will NEVER get caught… think about this…
and ofcourse police wont take action if u go report such thing as individual…
but we getting robbed now (server admins) and all we do is… whine on the forums and blame RUST for having a instable network… but we should take action on the DDOSer instead…

o well. it was just a thought of me!

Wrong. They have no obligation legally to fix this. You gave them money for an unfinished product, knowing it was unfinished, also knowing that errors and bugs could occur. Dont mean to flame you or anything, but it’s a quite clear way of showing you that you have no say, you are a customer who’s allready purchased the product to support its finishing, you got a prototype.

It’s basically like buying a cup of coffee before its unfinished, you look on the advertisement, you see a nice warm cup of coffee with cream and milk and sugar, then you see it says: “Still in progress of being made” But you see what the end product could look like, so you support the coffee maker by sending him some money, unfortunately the coffee maker uses milk from an outside source, and their cow has been having issues for a while, so when you get your early taste of coffee, its very sour, but it is STILL a cup of coffee.

I hope the people thats doing this, gets revoked access to computers and telephones. I like this game, alot, i wish it was functional, my patience however is very long and i can wait for the fixes to come.

Everyone grab a torch quickly! TO THE STREETS!

We will have our game back!

everyone meet me at the Eiffel tower

I’ll start sharpening the spikes on my bat. Riot! Riot! :smiley:

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I’ve always wanted to go to France and beat up a mime.

I wonder what gestures he would make to let us know he was in pain. :smiley:

actually they are blackmailing the company so yeah, prison could be on the horizon for these fuck tards, but they will probably just get a slap on the wrist for it.

Facepunch can probably sue their pants off since they are seriously harming their development and are breaking the law in the process.

these shit heads will get what is coming to them just a matter of time really

they’ll have to find them first…
assuming they are taking precautions, it should be almost impossible to find them

nice so they are able to find them;) just takes a little longer… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Ooh, I love Vegas! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Almost impossible in this scenario could mean ‘impossible unless you have the full resources of the NSA for a few days+’ - not ‘just a bit hard’. With an attack like this where you ONLY need to get malicious data TO a server, and not care about getting anything BACK from that server to your (controlled) computer, it’s much, much easier to make it impossible or incredibly impractical to trace.

There are also obstacles that may be of a non-technical nature; for example, it may be *possible *for Garry to isolate one or more attacking computers, penetrate them and set some kind of ‘trap’ for the ddoser/controller, then attempt to trace the location of the controlling computer, penetrate it, and so on… But a lot of that would break laws so it is not a feasible course of action for someone with a lot to lose. Capiche? :wink:

You’re absolutely right. Interpol should establish a division dedicated to protecting Rust server admins.