Server Admin's - Suggestion/Opinion needed

With just about 250 hours played on this game and now a server owner, I am beginning to feel the “routine” set in. So, a few friends and I spoke about how we could break the monotony of that routine.
After brainstorming for awhile, we thought about a competitive “tournament” of sorts. Alot of ideas were thrown around and some solidifying of the guidelines came about.
So…what I am looking for is this. Below is a “draft” outline of the tournament. Please give any feedback or direction on how this could pan out.
I know we are on to something but I also feel it is incomplete, like we are leaving out something. Or perhaps it is something we haven’t thought about yet.
I don’t know, some here may just classify this as dumb but…we think we may have some fun with this. Any and all opinions appreciated :downs:
*note- This will be played on a whitelisted server.

Outline :
This event will highlight the best of both worlds that Rust offers. The task at hand is to take individual challengers and put them into a boundary with a small amount of resources and produce a base that will be secure from other opponents (or at least not fully penetrable) as well give them limited tools to be able to raid opponents.
The object is simple. Build a base and raid other opponents. Any base that is successfully raided (where a player achieves the final prize loot) automatically wins over that opponent and the base owner is eliminated from that round. The player that achieves the most successful raids wins the round.
Guidelines and Rules :
1: Pending the amount of players involved (5 limit max), each will be given a *territory (by drawing) in which they are only allowed to build in that specific area. (*see map below). The darker red circle is the area which building your base is accepted, the lighter shade red is Out of Bounds (any player caught building in the OB areas will be automatically disqualified from that round) *Note – Building in any area in which you are designated to also is an automatic disqualification.

2: Players will be designated to an area by a drawing taken place before the beginning of each cycled round.
3: Each player will receive a tournament starter kit consisting of :
1 Full Kevlar armor set
1 weapon of choice (BAR excluded)
250 Ammo
2 Research Kits
250 wood
60 Cooked Chicken Breast
500 SMF
5 Metal foundation
10 Metal pillar
12 Metal Wall
5 Metal Ceiling
1 Large Wooden Storage
4: Players will then be given 1 week in order to build their base. If at the end of one week and no apparent winner has been declared it will continue into round 2. Players (if eliminated in previous round) will be able to rejoin with a new starter kit. Players who were not eliminated will NOT be given a new kit but will be able to retain their area. Rejoining players will be assigned a new area, again designated by a drawing. *note- This is all based upon the number of players in each round. You may find yourself in the same area you started in the previous round
5: All players at the start will be given a “special” loot package that also contains 1 Large Wooden Storage crate. This is NOT to be used by you as a player. You will be in charge of placing it in the LWS in any strategic area of your base. You will NOT be allowed to place the LWS anywhere outside of your base. It MUST remain inside of your base. This is to be utilized for the purpose of potential raider rewards. It is up to YOU to place it in an area that is difficult to get to. Remember, any player can raid your base, however…you are not eliminated from the round unless they find that crate! So, do NOT give any hints and you sure as hell shouldn’t tell any other player it’s contents. Also please note, any LWS purposely destroyed (or its contents) will be an automatic disqualification from the tournament.
6: Players are able to farm resources in which they can expand their base. They can craft, learn blueprints and any other strategic measure which will benefit them in any way.
7: PVP – During periods of the tournament you may stumble upon an opposing player. PVP is HIGHLY encouraged! However, there are restrictions that will apply. Any of the following guidelines broken will result in a penalty point. If you are seen or reported breaking these rules a point will be issued. If you receive 3 points within a round, you will be disqualified.
PVP 1 : Any player found on their own territory cannot be engaged. However, if a player is in their own territory and you are in their territory and they engage you, you are able to retaliate. This does NOT mean that you cannot attack their base, it just simply means you cannot attack another player in their own territory unless you are attacked….first!
PVP 2 : If you die during a PVP engagement, you will surrender your gear just like normal Rust pvp engagements. It is up to YOU to rebound.
PVP 3 : Truces CAN be made but alliances are strictly prohibited! This is a single player tournament and players cannot join together via resources or combined efforts.
8 : A total of 9 Airdrops will occur during each round.
9 : There will be no time limits during rounds, only the beginning and ending will be alerted. This means anytime you are able to play, do so. Use your time wisely, you never know if your base is being raided.
10 : There will be a total of 10 Wooden Shelters with Wooden Doors scattered throughout the play area. Each will contain small lootables. If you find em…it’s yours!
11 : At the end of a round a winner will be announced. Although the winner of the round does not get a prize of sorts for taking that round, they will be able to retain their territory and base. Again, upon the start of the next round, all players eliminated will go through another drawing process and assigned a new territory along with a new starter kit. *Note- The winner of each round starting a new round will NOT receive a new starter kit.
12 : In the event that the final players at the end of the 7 days were unsuccessful at penetrating the remaining players bases, the round will go into sudden death. Sudden death consists of each remaining player exposing the proximity of their base. Each player will be given one hour to find and penetrate a base. If unsuccessful, the round ends in a tie. The next round commences and eliminated players rejoin. Each player involved with the tie will NOT receive a starter package but will retain their area and base.
13 : All eliminated players bases will be destroyed upon notification of complete siege.