Server admins: time of update today from your provider?

This one is really for owners/admins. I’m trying to sort something out.

Gameservers shows the update from today available at 13:14:25 Eastern. But rcon started advising of another update around 6PM today, several hours after I applied the 13:14:25 patch.

Two questions really:

1- What time did you receive the patch today from your provider?
2- Have you received another patch today following the first one?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Update: 12:33:29
Patch: 17:29:05


I’m arguing with gameservers about the missed hotfix. It’s not there for me at least in my mods. Still only showing the first update from today.

Appreciate the prompt response m8.

I’m not sure it’s really their issue.

I host my own servers on my own equipment and they can sometimes take their time noticing an update causing them to restart and patch. I have -autoupdate enabled which causes my servers to periodically check for updates then restart when they are available, it’s pretty hands off. In once instance it took the server around 4 hrs to notice any update at all.

Today was pretty instant.

I recommend you take a little responsibility and watch @RustUpdates on Twitter, the Jenkins build system, and Steam DB if instant updates are critical to you from an SLA point of view.

From what I’ve seen other people using GameServers are pretty happy with the update times.

I follow rustafied, rustupdates on twitter this forum and the rustafied forum. No offense but me asking for better comms is not for lack of effort on my part. I didn’t see anything go by on the hotfix anywhere and gameservers doesn’t even seem to know about it.

I don’t use autoupdate because I like to give my players some time to cancel crafting and log out in a safe spot before I apply updates. I’ve not heard of the jenkins or steam db you speak of so I’ll do my homework on that and add them to my daily routine check of all things rust.

I also would like to know a reliable method to know if the server need to be updated. I follow the rust update but its just a spam of all the modif they do to the code real time, it doesnt say when or not its released as a server update.

My own Server gets updated at 18:41 and at 23:57 MEST.
Thats the Time were the Server was play-ready again, so the real update came eta 10 minutes earlier.

I’ve learned with this update that Rusty (Rcon) is the most reliable for detecting updates on your server. That thing does not lie and does not wait. :slight_smile:

It’s not Rusty, its the Log.Log.txt or out.txt on your Server. That there is a new version will be written in this files.

look here on github for a sample script

I’m with GameServers too and there was something unusual yesterday.

First off, I checked with the Oxide guys and they tell me there was no hotfix yesterday, which confirms that Gameservers is “right” in telling us all is good. That said, all afternoon yesterday (after updating everything) my server was spitting out messages about a new version being available. I kept checking my gameservers page to no avail…

I eventually reapplied the update even though I apparently had the last one already and it fixed the issue.

Not sure what happened… but try reapplying.

That was exactly my fix as well. Now today Rcon isn’t telling me anything but I just checked my console and there’s an update listed at Updates server to latest version (Last Updated 2015-07-31 13:37:22).

Trying to make heads or tails of which tool is right is getting ridiculous. I’m applying this patch but I’ve check twitter and elsewhere and again, no mention of it.