Server Admins

So recently I have noticed while playing Garry’s Mod on a number of servers and different game modes that the types of administrators vary. Here is a list of admins to expect on these types of servers.


-On a new DarkRP server the admins tend to be dicks, abusers, little kids, and just mentally retarded.

-On medium length servers admins are ok some are cool and some are clueless.

-On long time servers admins are mature and know what they are doing they also are fair during sits and know how to give good and reasonable punishments.


-There is not really a different type of admin on here they are all just dicks and god themselves to fuck with other players.


-There is not really a different type of admin here they are unknown there are only kicks by a person and the name is not shown and they are really nice.


-On new servers admins are annoying and obnoxious.

-On medium length servers they are mature and know how to act.

-On servers that have been around for a long time they tend to be unknown and are inconspicuous.

I haven’t really been on other servers than this so if you have experienced admins like this or have new ones then please feel free to post them below thanks.

Dinklebergs TTT has an interesting staff system. So far it does not seem corrupt and people do a fantastic job moderating