Server Advertisements

I think there should be a forum where people can advertisement there servers.

it might help them get there server known or popular.

There was a subsection for servers until some time in the end of 2010 - start of 2011 I believe. Meh, I don’t really see why people want to advertise their amazing DarkRP servers anymore. Most threads are just the same, one guy with a new community (who is the owner) who wants to advertise for his server (mainly DarkRP). It was really just a big section for DarkRP servers, nothing else.

It was more trouble then it was worth.
If a server is good enough, it’ll “advertise” with reputation anyway.
You can advertise your server there.

Might be worth a mod adding that to the sticky.

Even though you can advertise your servers there, it’s 99% Minecraft servers and 1% GMod. I was searching for a GMod server in there for the hell of it and I had to go by 4-5 pages before I found a DarkRP server (uh). Seems like people doesn’t really bother.

We should have an advertising section. Sometimes I look for servers and I want to know something about it, before I join in. That and I am also making a server in-dev and would want to advertise it.

But I guess the games-in-progress is good enough for the second purpose,

If it’s a custom gamemode (and I mean custom, not a darkrp rehash) then you could just post in the Gamemode section, make the thread about the gamemode etc and then have a server people can join to use the gamemode listed at the end :slight_smile: