Server Ammo

Hello dear facepunchers,

I need help in my server I’m currently working on that is DarkRP but I have this problem.
You see when someone becomes a swat and gets m9k assault rifle upon spawning, he gets alot of ammo.
Can someone please help me on how to edit that. I want him to spawn with only 30 ammo.
How do I restrict weapon drop when the person’s ammo runs out? Because I don’t want them to drop the weapon and pick it up again to get unlimited ammo.
Each of the m9k assault rifle does not combine to one gun clip or magazine. (I don’t know the difference yet)

  1. Edit the SWEP file so it doesn’t start with so much ammo.
  2. DarkRP config.
  3. What?
  1. Where do I find the SWEP File?
  2. I mean like when the ammo reaches 0, you are unable to drop the weapon…

By editing the SWEP code you will get rid of problem 1 and 2. As for the 3rd issue I couldn’t understand you.

If you use +host_workshop_collection_id you have to extract M9K with GMAD Extractor GUI and edit the file you want in /lua/weapons/ak-47/shared.lua

Ah thanks Guys. Lets just forget about the 3rd issue. It’s hard to explain.

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For the 2nd issue. How do I edit it so It won’t have that ammo duplication bug.

You can just edit SWEP file i think it worked for me. Or you will probalby have to edit M9K base.

Or just download M9K for DarkRP. and only take serverside lua files.

Then you can set ammo with lua like cops spawn with some extra ammo.

I think he means that certain ammo clips don’t combine for the third issue. Like, rifle ammo you picked up while holding one rifle-based weapon doesn’t carry over to the other rifle-based weapon?

You gotta change every swep to start with 0 ammo