Server and client issues.

I kept noticing that some client won’t download workshop stuff which i specifically set to be downloaded in my download.lua.
Those people can’t see custom models/textures/sounds ect. They will see it as errors.
Here’s my layout:
resource.AddWorkshop( 168258644 )
resource.AddWorkshop( 157414071 )
resource.AddWorkshop( 168326910 )
resource.AddWorkshop( 105685526 )
resource.AddWorkshop( 125701727 )
resource.AddWorkshop( 164848545 )
resource.AddWorkshop( 164829601 )

Could this be a problem within my server?

Go into lua/autorun/server make a new lua file called “Workshop.lua”
Now place this inside that .lua file;

Make sure your auth key is correct also.