Server and client version are different? Not letting users connect

So i’m new at hosting (just saying it before you do) but I’ve googled the heck out of this one and haven’t found the answer yet:

My server version is 1179, but the Rust client game version is now 1189, and when users try to connect to my server it says client rejected - wrong version.

I’ve got my server set with the -autoupdate flag, and have stopped and restarted it, but still the server is 1179

any advice on how to force the server to update to the same version as client?


Write your server provider.

I’m self hosting on my own server (it’s not a vsp)

open steamcmd.exe, login to steam using login anonymous then type app_update 258550 -beta experimental validate (the validate is optional i believe) it should update then run rust_dedicated or whatever you named your batch file and you should be all set

I’m sure you mean

app_update 258550 validate

as there’s no reason for the beta and experimental arguments.

either or, i use the command line i typed and it works fine

Ok got it - I wasn’t aware you had to go back into steamcmd for version upgrades I thought the -autoupdate switch on the rust server start would somehow facilitate the update

i think its suppose to but it seems that it is bugged. Maybe someone creates a thread about that? (unless it isnt an issue and something just went wrong with your scenario)

Look out! We have a genius somewhere around here.