Server [Australia #1] Admin Abuse, banning None hackers | DuffMan and Geef Admins Abuse

we just settled on this server around 4-5PM o clock slowly getting our base togeather we finally build a 1x1 with 2 doors and doorways nicly tucked in the rocks; Pottingmix, Jebus were casually sitting in their base when we get surrounded, I (pottingmix) pop some shotgun rounds into the wall and tell them to leave, they double charge the wall, I shotgun on guy in the face = nothing; next Dex, Kindu and Lunar. go up agaist them and kill 3 of them, duff was the only person to survive, which led to us searching the bodies finding 5 + 15 + 15 charges as our teammates were running away Dex was banned for no reason? This is rust not stupid “uhhhh it was a fail raid lets just ban them” his reason was “he was invisable during the fights”? well thats stupid seeing i could see him fine, and he received 6+ shots (used medkits) how do you shoot an invisable guy… Admin abuse is stupid, Dont play Australia #1 Server, Admin abuses, probably spawned the 30+ charges in and got mad when they died and banned for no reason…

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))


Pottingmix, Kindu, Dus, Lunar were all banned…

Yeah I can attest to this as an impartial witness.

well, i can’t speak to their admin abuse, i can say that their admins are slow acting against cheaters though

  • i think they are also wiping the server right now, so they are being complete dicks, one of their friends just c4ed about 4 doors through my empty house

edit: just saw about 5 airdrops within a minute ontop of that, either

1: admin abuse
2: server wipe
3: hackers