Server Authority Prioritisation is annoying, take notes, hosters.

I’m annoyed by every server that thinks servers authority is more important than the players and in some cases possible consumers.
Every server that I join has the common rule “The (insert position here) is always right” or “Respect the moderators” which should be the other way around because player’s are more important than the moderators
without player’s, the servers would be empty and redundant to the server list. Just because they have the permission to ban or kick people does not mean they are in higher ground, and even a common motto can be found in commercial industry which something refers to “Customers before employees”. Hosters, if you want a better community, please prioritize the people’s experience. This is what is known for, he dedicated himself into making more gameplay and experience for the players.
This recent encounter has influenced me to do this rant.
Brief backstory because the logs didint go that far :
Joined the server, read the rules (Agian with mod>player),
I had an Idea with wiremod so I noclip into the secret in gm_construct,
Once I got there, a co-owner was there.

After that, I decided to blacklist that server and move on. I found another sandbox server and decided to build in it, in its loading screen it had a list of rules and one caught my eye “Admins are always right”.
And after seeing that rule I wanted to speak with the admin on why does every server have that rule :

Nothing has been edited or taken out except the lua errors and other players conversation.
“First encounter”

“Big discussion”

One of the rules I absolutely hate is when administrators/moderators kick/ban someone for “administrator/moderator disrespect”. Most servers that operate in this fashion, excluding some anomalies will usually die out.

Seems to be me like an immature community filled with 12 year old admins and a 10 year old owner, and a stupid domain!

Customers should always come first, to let them know they’re supported, as to regards above no one should join that server!

Considering most servers are run for free you have no moral right to complain.

You are not a customer unless you paid for something. You are a guest in their house.

Does that mean they should be an asshole just cause? No. But at the same time if they are just move on. Their server will die out if they push people away. It is their server to ruin however they want.

Admin respect’s a dumb rule for people with ego issues. A server’s like a club, you make sure the people have a good time and you bounce the idiots and troublemakers. If you run a server to have kids lick your boots over the internet you’re doing it wrong. I’m a lead admin on a build server and we keep it informal. There’s a rank hierarchy - if you’re not dumb and you’re likeable, you ascend. Keeps the good people on, and they keep the server fun.

On the other tack, as an admin I don’t have a duty to tolerate you. You are not a customer - I provide to you a free service from my own time. You’re not paying for the server and if you’ve done something to tarnish my impression of you, you’re probably not staying. Blacklist me, cry, DoS me a little if you’re 12 and then move on. When I play a game I want to have fun, not provide an internet childcare service. If you’re using “admin” and “duty” in the same sentence, you’re taking it too seriously. We’re here to mop up the spills, but we’re primarily here to play the damn game.

Two cents from an evil nasty admin.

I can’t agree more, I hate the rule because its so opinionated that its essentially a free card to ban as and when you choose.

I have many pet hates none more so then when “the owners” find the need to have an owner tag or a loading screen says who the owner is.

At the minute there is so much short-termism in staffing because either the community is badly managed, the staff aren’t paid or players are only interested in the job that gets them the biggest rep with their peers.

The fact of the matter is they can get away with it…

That’s like saying in real life, you’re a guest at their house they can abuse and possibly murder you if they want, you’re dumb, everyone has rights, and it’s not your right to come into here and complain.

“The customer is always right”


“Customers before employees”

Are the two most stupid phrases that can ever be said about a business. Treating your employees well is crucial. Backing them up when they are not in the wrong is crucial. If you let some abusive customer mouth off your employee, and then agree with the customer (because the customer is always right, right?) do you know what happens?

You lose your employee. You then have to hire a new one, who won’t know what they’re doing and so: you provide a shit service. Backing your employee will raise their morale, making them feel appreciated and maybe not hate their job. That gives a greater level of service to the majority of customers, at the cost of insulting one abusive customer.

Unfortunately most retail stores don’t realise this yet. I’m only responsible for a few people on occasion in my store, but I treat them like I mentioned above. It works wonders.

Moving out of business terms though: In the end, you don’t have to play a certain server. That server is run by someone, or a group of people. They can do whatever they like with it and that’s something you have to accept (or fuck off to another server). I don’t necessarily agree that some sweaty 12 year old power-playing nerd deserves any respect, I’m just saying you don’t have a right to complain when you get banned. Because it isn’t your server.

I understand the frustration this brings, but this has been happening for such a long time now. If I even see a server with this elitist attitude, I won’t give them a second glance. For example, I used to play Perp a lot. One server had this motto similar to what the OP was talking about, “Always respect the admin, don’t argue.” (Ironically, they were selling admin for $10 a month.) This kind of contradiction just gives me a headache just by reading it. Makes me wonder if the admins actually do play the game instead of waiting to catch a player make a minor slip up.

I’ve dealt with several scenarios like this on Garry’s Mod, but by far I see it on RP more then any other gamemode.
I can’t blame them for being short-tempered considering they are practically babysitting kids who have panic attacks when things don’t go their way(lol RDM/NLR). That’s where it ends though. Once you start using the little, “YOUR BEING DISRESPECTFUL” or “YOUR HURTING MY FEELINGS!” because someone disagrees with you on something which isn’t going to harm the server or the experience of other players, it’s at that point you need to step back, take a chill pill, and reevaluate your life.
If your buttons get pressed by someone critiquing you or pulling your chain harmlessly, and you use your powers to remove them, you are pathetic.
Nothing more, nothing less.

You dont get my point.
Servers should respect the players more and that annoying self-centering rule can be found in every server, not complaining about the ban.
Its just that those bans influenced me to make this rant. Thanks for the opinion tho.

You don’t get our point. Who are servers going to respect more, the player who’s just joined and is an unknown in terms of friendliness/intelligence, or a vip/mod/admin who is known for not being a dumbass and is also a player. You’re arguing that we should hold strangers in greater regard than friends, but we can’t because strangers are less important than friends.
I’ve already given my 2cents on ego-massaging admin respect rules which are all the rage on communities run by kids (protip: don’t play there), but outside of those places you’re arguing against human community. You won’t change that.

Good luck finding a mature community, 100:1 (Kids:Mature)

The point of having a rule that say respect admin. Is because if admin tells you that you are doing something you shouldent do then you should respect them and stop. But it shouldent be a need for writing this rule because you already should understand that you shall respect the people that take care of the community that you play on for free.

To be fair, the problem is not that the server has that sort of rules; it’s that the server has really shitty admins. It’s not like it would have mattered if that was in the rules or not, when an admin is abusing the made up rules in the motd doesn’t mean shit anyway.

sure they dont make a community for peoples enjoyment, they create it and hope for an income from donations and buying admins and vip’s.

When I ran my old community I forced the rule “Admins and players are equal” meaning, that the admin’s cant ban a player for being a player. It makes no fucking sense, it’s stupid. Admins had to adhere to the rules as well, no one was exempt from it.

You have to deal with both of them just as well. A stranger can keep coming back just as much as any VIP/MOD/ADMIN the only difference being you need to keep the strangers coming in order to fill the slots. As soon as your servers becomes unpopular those VIPS/MODS/ADMINS aren’t going to give a shit about your community either and are gunna just go.

As someone mentioned above to whom I couldn’t find again to quote, communities aren’t made anymore for fun anymore. They are made to make money

I’ve been an admin for 2 years now, same server same place and It’s a great experience, no doubt once you start off you’re like “Yes, power over people what more could I ask for” and it does get to you. At the start I did kick but never ban for admin disrespect as I felt I needed that special bit of respect and if someone were to call me a cunt I’d get mad and kick them.

As of now I’ve realized the best way to admin is to just be apathetic towards everything, EVERYTHING.

Someone called your mother a crack whore, simply say “Aye, good one.”

Someone make a rape threat to a family member, out freak them with “Not before I do!”

As for the “I’m always right” rule. Yes complete bullshite.

Of course when I say be apathetic I mean just towards disrespect and people who are upset with your verdict or choices. Still enforce the rules just do it without emotions.

What that rule means is don’t argue with an admin in the server. You aren’t going to win. I really don’t see why people think that the server is the appropriate place to argue with an admin over a decision. Most communities have a place on their website to deal with admin abuse accusations.